A hug, right? Well, Thermajanes are all these and much more. We offer the finest and softest thermal base layers to keep you warm and comfy in the cold weather. At Thermajane, we believe that comfort and functionality go hand in hand. It’s made for you. It’s made for all. What we mean is that no matter which walk of life you belong to, or what unique body type you flaunt, we’ve got just the perfect Thermajane for you.

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Soft & Strong

like a hug

There aren’t many things in the world that are both strong and soft at the same time. But most good ones are – love, a hug. Thermajanes are crafted from ultra-soft fiber and spandex to offer you comfort as you’ve never felt before.


all occasion

Thermals that fit you like a second skin. Thermajanes are tailored to provide you comfort irrespective of your lifestyle. Spend your day sweating it out in the woods? We’ve got you covered. Prefer an easy-going lifestyle? Don’t sweat it, we have a Thermajane for you.



Thermajane isn’t designed to just keep you warm. Instead, it is crafted with the idea of providing you with thermal wear that is a joy to wear under your clothes. It’s fast-drying, lightweight and anti-bacterial fabric leaves you feeling fresh and active throughout the day.


How you feel on the inside shows on the outside. That is why we work hard to design the perfect thermal innerwear for you. Comfortable. Soft. Warm. Everything you’ve ever wanted your innerwear to be. And much more.

It’s not our shape that makes us attractive but our attitude. So, let’s get in touch with our inner selves and choose perfect over mediocrity.

Light Weight

So weightless you’ll often find yourself double checking

Soft Touch

Soft as a breeze but made to last.


4-way stretch to support your every move.

Elastic Waistband

Offers support, looks seamless, and feels great.

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