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Beat the Winter Gloom with Thermals

Beat the Winter Gloom with Thermals

Winter can be cold and long. On top of all the snow, blizzards, sleet, and dropping temperatures, there’s also less daylight and a perpetual gloom that seems always to hit home. As much you and your family want to enjoy the season, the constant cold can wear you down, especially your kids. Since kids are active, not being able to play outside can affect their mood and mental health.

Create Your Family Winter Gloom Strategy

Part of beating those winter blues is staying warm and comfortable. A girls’ thermal set is useful along with any kid’s base layer, but your strategy needs to involve multiple mood boosters. This can include exposure to sunlight, any constructive attitude adjustments, social contact, and even games. Whatever methods you find that are working, incorporate them into your family life. Perhaps a midwinter trip to the ski slopes is in order or sledding at the park. For your kids, it may involve having friends over to play in the snow and winter war games. 

Let the Light Shine

Sunlight and increasing your exposure is a powerful way to boost your mood. Also, a sunny day in winter is even brighter due to the snow, and from the light fixture, you have in your home. Sometimes, going out for a walk while the sun is out is ideal for the whole family. Make sure your kids are wearing their girls’ thermal set. After all, comfort will help alleviate the cold and shivering, which will boost your child’s mood. Plus, exercise has been known to boost serotonin levels, which are always good come winter. As a bonus, treat you and your family to something special. It could be hot chocolate or something sweet to help take the edge off the day. Take your family shopping for extra thermals so they can get outside more.

Get Moving and Fuel Yourself

Exercise can help boost your mood and energy levels. These alone will prove very helpful in beating the winter gloom. This can be snowball fights outdoors, building an epic snow family, and even going for a hike around the local park or downtown area in your hometown. While you’re at it, bring along some food. Healthy snacks will help keep everyone energized, and spirits lifted as you tackle building a snow fort. Choose snacks that are made of lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Though winter is here, you don’t have to let the wind and cold get you down too much. A kid’s base layer will allow your kids to play outdoors longer, which can benefit their moods and yours. Use this time to bond with your kids and show them that winter can be fun even when a blizzard is covering your yard with a couple of feet of snow. Beating the winter gloom takes a little ingenuity and creativity, but in the end, a happier set of kids will make it worth it.

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