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Best Men’s Thermal Underwear for Skiing

Best Men’s Thermal Underwear for Skiing

Skiing is a great way to get away for a long weekend with the boys to relax and enjoy nature for some much-needed downtime. However, before your next jaunt out to Vail, Breckenridge, or Park City, make sure you have the right clothing to enjoy your time on the slopes. Let’s take a look at how to pick the best men’s thermal underwear for skiing. Here are the factors to consider in selecting the right items to bring along.


This one is perhaps the most self-explanatory. After all, the colder the temperature, the more effort you’ll need to put into staying warm. Typically, thermal underwear made from synthetic fibers works great for skiing. It is one of the more durable fabrics, provides strong protection from cold, and has anti-microbial and wicking properties.

If the temperature is going to be particularly cold, you’ll want to opt for merino wool instead. This is the best performing fabric by far in terms of protecting your core. Wool has natural wicking properties and also is very odor resistant, meaning you want smell. It also keeps you very warm and dry. Both of these fabric types are great for preventing becoming damp as well.

Activity Level

How active you will be during your time skiing is another important consideration for choosing the best men’s thermal underwear. Some people enjoy taking it easy and having a relaxing ski downhill. This lower activity level might make you get colder, particularly if you are already sensitive to cold. You’ll want to opt for the warmest possible men’s thermal underwear or simply add layers. When evaluating layering, remember to consider comfort and freedom of movement.

If you prefer more intense skiing or tough activities like cross-country skiing, you’ll probably be working up a sweat from time to time. Thus, you want versatile men’s thermal underwear. Going with products that have strong wicking properties is key here as the sweat on your skin will make you cold quickly. Wicking it away from your body prevents this.

Final Thoughts

Skiing is a great time for guys to enjoy the outdoors and be social. Bringing the right thermal underwear with you will allow you to increase the time spent on the slopes and focus on things other than staying warm. Considering the temperature paired with your intended activity level will be key for picking the perfect set of men’s thermal underwear. With Thermajane, you can rest assured that we have you covered – literally!

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