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Best Men's Base Layer for Cycling

Best Men's Base Layer for Cycling

What are Men's Base Layers?

The cold weather is a perfect time to break out your base layers. Men's base layers keep you comfortable and warm when the temperature goes down. They also help wick the sweat away from the body to help regulate body temperature. Men's base layers come in many styles, ranging from long sleeves to leggings for a complete set. If you're in the market for a new pair of base layers, take a look at all the great options available at Thermajane or Thermajohn. We have a wide selection of base layers for men, women, and kids that will keep you warm and comfortable on your next cold-weather hike or cycling adventure.

Base Layers for Cycling in the Cold

It is necessary to have a good base layer for comfort and safety when cycling in cold weather. Base layers should be lightweight and wick away sweat. Fleece is a good choice, but a synthetic base layer is an excellent option if you need more warmth. Base layers can help protect you from the cold by acting as a layer of insulation and helping hold back the wind. They also stretch, so you have freedom of movement.

Types of Base Layer Materials

One of the best ways to keep a person warm is using a base layer. Fitting into one of the most popular trends for staying warm in cold conditions, wearing a base layer is essential for any athlete. Base layers are made to be close fitting to trap heat close to your body. The most important thing to look for when buying a base layer is the fabric it is made out of. There are three fabrics with different properties: synthetic, merino wool, and silk.

  • Synthetic Base Layers: Made of polyester and spandex, these thermals work excellent but are cost-effective, allowing you to buy more without breaking the pocketbooks.
  • Silk: While this material works excellent, it's not as durable as wool or synthetics. Another drawback is the high price.
  • Wool: A natural fiber that makes an excellent thermal. It's more expensive than synthetics but by much, and it's harder to take care of but works perfectly as a base layer.


The Importance of Base Layers:

A base layer is critical for protecting cyclists from fouling weather conditions. It regulates temperature and prevents chaffing by moving with the cyclist's body. There are few things more important than base layers when out on the bike. These lightweight garments form the first line of defense against the cold, and their benefits go well beyond warming up after a ride. Base layers should be made of fabrics that wick sweat away from your skin to prevent you from getting too sweaty. The best option for cyclists is wool or synthetic materials that provide warmth without making you too hot or uncomfortable.

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