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Blame the Hypothalamus for Your Shivering

Blame the Hypothalamus for Your Shivering

When you get cold, your body's defense system will kick in. This is what makes you feel cold, shiver, and even shake at the colder temperature. In essence, this is your body's way of shouting out for help. Even if you wear thermals for women, you may be wondering what is going on inside your body and what to do to help keep you warm. 

What is Happening Inside Your Body?

Your skin is a network of sensors. These centers send information to your brain. If there is a temperature change, it will send that specific information to your hypothalamus in the middle of the brain. Your hypothalamus is what helps you maintain your core temperature.

Learning how to cope with lower temperatures and how your hypothalamus controls your blood flow and maintaining your core temperature is essential. It helps to know what happens when you start to get cold. First of all, your blood vessels narrow which will reduce your blood flow near the surface of your body. This is where your body starts focusing on keeping its core warm. This is primarily why your skin and your hands and feet will get colder before the rest of you. 

You can do some things to prevent any cold injuries in case your hypothalamus is a little out of whack due to other issues. 

1. Wearing women's thermal underwear or women's thermal leggings as these will help keep you warm and regulate your body temperature. They'll keep you dry with the moisture-wicking, and they will add to your comfort.

2. Keep an eye on the temperature to wind direction and weather forecast for the day of the week to better plan your activities.

3. Start your day warm and with a good meal. Keeping yourself hydrated and fed with healthy food will help increase your metabolism, which will help you regulate your body temperature 

While being outside in the cold and snow can be fun and exciting, it can also be challenging for those susceptible to the cold or have issues with their hypothalamus. Suppose you find yourself shivering a lot when you usually wouldn't. In that case, it is best to contact your physician to see if any test can be done to find any underlying causes. Until then, grab yourself a few pairs of thermals. They will help keep you warm all day and comfortable without having to worry about getting the wet or clammy feeling.

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