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Can You Wear Long Johns Under Shorts?

Can You Wear Long Johns Under Shorts?

We love our long johns! They keep us warm during cold winter weather and are some of the most comfortable clothing that we possess. We all know that we can wear our long johns underneath our winter clothes. But what about when weather conditions are cold but not suitable for fully layering? Can you wear long johns under shorts?

Why Would You Want to Wear Long Johns Under Shorts?

If you’re reading this, you may be incredibly curious about why someone would think to pair long johns with shorts. After all, aren’t shorts strictly warm weather clothing? We tend to put the shorts away before switching to pants well before we regularly wear long johns. For some people, this proposition may seem confusing.

The answer comes down to activity level. Long johns are incredibly effective at keeping people warm. When people are active outdoors in cold weather, they can stay fairly warm. However, during the winter, shorts don’t quite cut it. Thus, many people wonder if they can wear long johns beneath their shorts in order to give them an added boost of protection from the weather.

Can You Wear Long Johns Under Shorts?

Absolutely! In fact, the majority of my fellow runners spend most of their winter running in shorts with long johns beneath. If you haven’t purchased long johns in a long time, this may seem confusing, but modern long johns even look a lot like athletic apparel. Their tight fit is both protective and comfortable and brands with flat seams are great for runners or hikers.

Another benefit of long johns is that they now come in a wide variety of colors. Thus, you can easily color coordinate with your outfit. In fact, it won’t even look to most people like you are wearing long johns because the products are such high quality that they don’t look like undergarments.

The big benefit of wearing long johns under your shorts is warmth. If you are going for a hike in moderate cold weather, they will keep you warm. If you are going for a run in extreme cold, you will relish the warmth both at the beginning of your run before you work up a sweat and at the end when you are cooling down. Runners will especially appreciate long johns that have moisture wicking properties.

Final Thoughts

Long johns are an incredibly versatile item of clothing that serves as a great fit for many clothing combinations. They absolutely can be worn under shorts and are a very popular and trendy item to wear during cold weather, particularly for people who are very active outdoors.

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