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Do You Wear Thermal Underwear with Thermal Leggings?

Do You Wear Thermal Underwear with Thermal Leggings?

Thermal underwear, especially thermal leggings, are a great way to stay comfortable and warm while showing off your sense of fashion. Unlike yoga pants, thermal underwear will keep you warm by retaining your body heat and wicking away sweat, so you stay dry. Though worn as a base layer or pajama, your thermal underwear is best worn over your regular underwear. Even though thermals have underwear in the name, they aren’t made to take the place of your basics. 

Should You Wear Underwear Under Your Thermal Leggings?

Your long johns or thermal leggings aren’t made to take the place of your actual underwear. While you wear thermals under your clothes, they aren’t the primary things you’ll also wear. The groin area for both men and women does need special attention. You’ll sweat more in these areas, not to mention nature calls at the worst time.

Take into consideration that thermals will fit snugly against your skin. This means they’re going to absorb all types of moisture. Wearing underwear will give your garments extra protection so you can wear them more than once without having to wash them constantly. 

Your underwear protects your private area. It will prevent stains and any accidents from ruining your thermals. If you plan on wearing your thermals more than once before washing, underwear will help extend the life of your garment. This means less time in the laundry room and more time being warm and dry.

What Kind of Underwear Should You Wear?

Most underwear styles will help. If you prefer a loose type of underwear like boxers or boy shorts, then you can risk them riding up on you under the thermals. This can be less than comfortable. Since wearing your underwear is a must, there is a slight chance that the moisture-wicking properties of thermals won’t work as well in that area.

However, there are ways around this. There is underwear that has moisture-wicking and even odor-resistance properties that will work perfectly under your thermals. These will also help you avoid any chafing. Even if you wear your regular style of basics, you can still gain the benefits of your long johns.

No matter the types of thermals you buy yourself, wearing your underwear beneath them is a necessity. This is especially useful if you plan on wearing it for a few days to avoid the laundry. You don’t want to wash your thermals too much as this can break down the thermal properties due to over-washing. Underwear will help prevent this and allow you to wear your long johns regularly without having to worry about too many accidents.

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