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Do You Wear Underwear With a Base Layer?

Do You Wear Underwear With a Base Layer?

With winter approaching fast, it is time to start thinking about ways to stay warm. One way stands out above all the rest: long underwear! Thermals are an excellent base layer of clothing to protect you from that winter chill. When it comes to base layers, you look for a snug fit, heat trapping abilities, and moisture wicking technology.

Base layers are doubtlessly important, but the process can be confusing. Most people find themselves questioning whether or not they should wear underwear beneath their thermal base layer. It’s an important question; after all, they aren’t called long underwear for no reason! What is the exact protocol when it comes to layering?

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Underwear With Your Thermals

Despite the name, long underwear does not have to be your entire base layer in the winter wardrobe. Some people may find that the tight fit and moisture wicking abilities make wearing underwear uncomfortable or unnecessary, and that is completely okay! Circumstances change depending on your own situation, but underwear can be worn under thermals without issue.

In fact, wearing underwear with your long johns can help with several different factors. For one, wearing underwear ensures that your thermals are kept clean for as long as possible between washings. If you are a very active person who uses your long underwear frequently, wearing underwear helps keep them cleaner.

Wearing underwear with long underwear also allows them to be used as an outer layer of clothing when necessary. It also gives you support and protection when you need it. Generally, the tight fit of long underwear may make certain types of undergarments uncomfortable. In cases like this, it is best to prepare yourself for that possibility so you aren’t caught off guard!

There is a bit of a myth that undergarments disrupt the heat trapping abilities of long underwear. In reality, this is untrue! Your thermals will function the same, no matter what you wear underneath them.

To Wear or Not to Wear - It is Completely Up To You!

In the end, your own comfort will decide whether or not you wear undergarments with your long underwear. While they do not get in the way of trapping body heat, some may choose to forego them due to the fit of their thermals. Others prefer wearing them to keep thermals clean longer! It is your long underwear, so it’s really up to you!

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