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Does Thermal Underwear Really Work?

Does Thermal Underwear Really Work?

You may have heard the buzz about thermal underwear. Does it really keep you nice and toasty in cold weather? After all, even the name – thermal – sounds cozy. If you’ve ever spent time out in the harshest of winters, you may be quite skeptical about if a fairly thin layer of clothing can make that much difference.

So does thermal underwear really work? Yes, it certainly does! Let’s take a look at how it works and some of the benefits of this wonderful type of clothing.

What Makes Thermal Underwear Effective?

Thermal underwear is effective for a number of reasons. First, it is composed of multiple layers of fabric. This surprises a lot of people due to its thin, comfortable appearance. Because of this, it is able to retain more heat than traditional fabrics. When worn beneath other clothing, this effect is amplified. Since it is worn tightly against the skin, it also prevents a large amount of air from becoming trapped inside your clothing and stealing body heat.

Additionally, some types of thermal underwear – those made from wool or synthetic fibers – have an extra benefit in place. These types of thermal fabrics also wick moisture away from the body. This has an added effect of preserving warmth and is particularly important for people who are active.

Should I Buy Thermal Underwear?

There are plenty of reasons to purchase thermal underwear. However, if you want to stay as warm as possible, particularly if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, buying at least one or two sets is a great idea!

After all, those who live in cold climates invest heavily in a large winter coat periodically. This helps keep us warm. However, thermal underwear can provide excellent protection, reducing the amount of the year a bulky coat is needed. This can help movement be far less restrictive.

Thermal underwear accomplishes this in part by protecting your core. By keeping your core warm, you will be able to stay outdoors longer and be comfortable far longer. The effectiveness with which these garments keep you warm means that they are a great item to have in your drawers for colder weather.

Final Thoughts

While it may seem implausible that a fabric so thin works well at keeping you warm, the multiple layers of thermal underwear coupled with the moisture wicking properties of some types serve to protect your core temperature. This is why many people are turning to thermal underwear to keep them comfortable and warm during the cold winter.

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