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How to Help Your Kids Ward Off Cabin Fever

How to Help Your Kids Ward Off Cabin Fever

Winter boredom has set in or as most people call it cabin fever. It’s bound to happen and finding a way to fight it in the winter can be challenging for some. It can be easy to enjoy those long snow days and even embrace those weekends you and your kids are snowed in. Here are some ideas to help ward off cabin fever and alleviate that winter boredom.

1. Take your kids out for some indoor rock climbing or other activities. Many towns have community centers for kids that feature different activities. These will help pass away the long winter days. Be sure to layer up for when you and your kids are outside. Try some long johns for girls for some added warmth. A lot of community centers never seem to be as warm as you’d like them to.

2. Exercise or play outdoors. Take your kids for a walk or a hike for some relief from the indoors. Bundling up with layers is best. Girls long johns make an excellent base layer to lock in the body heat, and they will also keep your kid dry. They are also flexible so their movements won’t be restricted.

3. Let them invite their friends over for some fun outside. Kids usually have more fun if they have their friends over to play. This can alleviate a lot of boredom, not to mention the pent-up energy that is waiting to be used. Make some extra hot chocolate and some snacks as they’re bound to get hungry fast.

4. Start your spring cleaning early. While kids probably don’t like to clean, this could be an excellent way to relieve some boredom by making it fun. Having them clean out their rooms of unwanted toys or clothes for them to donate to the needy may be a great way to keep them busy.

5. Go sled riding or build a snow fort. Playing in the snow is always fun. Make sure you dress them appropriately to avoid frostbite or hypothermia. Long johns for girls will make for some great warmth and comfort. Don’t forget hats, gloves, waterproof boots and jackets, and don’t forget the hot chocolate and their favorite snacks.

6. Since they already have their girls long johns on, plan an outdoor treasure or scavenger hunt. Let them know that the winner can pick the next move for family night or another reward to encourage participation and little family competitiveness.

During the winter season, with its long nights and cold days, cabin fever will set in at some point. Planning ahead can beat away those winter blues and activities will help keep your kids active and ready for the next fun thing. Keep safety in mind and look for other creative ways to keep boredom from setting in too much. Get your kids in on the action by letting them help you plan future winter adventures. Keep those thermals close in case those adventures take you outside.

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