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Identifying And Buying For The Size That Fits You, And How Our Size Chart Can Help You

Identifying And Buying For The Size That Fits You, And How Our Size Chart Can Help You

Your thermal is going to be your closest friend in the long and chilly days of a dreadful winter. Choosing it right is your key to a comfortable and stress-free 6 months. While it may seem like all you have to do is pick a thermal the same size as your regular shirts and pants and you’re good to go, you’re mistaken. Your thermal wear will always be a size or two lesser than them.

Moreover, it is meant by the right fit that your base layer should hug you comfortably instead of constricting your movements or hanging loose and ruining the outer layers. There there are the fittings meant for relatively warmer conditions and the cold ones.

Why Size Matters

Your base layer is the first layer of clothing in contact with your skin. It is absolutely necessary that it’s the most comfortable piece of clothing you wear. And while a soft, dry and comfortable fabric is a necessary factor to it, none of it matters when it isn’t the right fit. A piece of garment cannot be comfortable if it’s smothering you or is too loose to hold any warmth.

A poorly fitted thermal also runs the risk of trapping heat in the wrong way i.e., creating hot pockets in itself instead of distributing your body heat evenly, creating some serious discomfort for you. Moreover, you also need to mind the weather conditions you live in to know what kind of thermal you need. Warmer conditions need a loser base layer while a body-hugging one goes well with colder conditions.

How To Choose The One For You

We’ve got our very own simple and awesome size chart for thermals to get you to determine the perfect size for yourself. We can’t take the measurements for you (unfortunately), but we can certainly help you with it. All you need is a measuring tape and a pen and paper.

It is advisable that you wear minimum clothes or no clothes at all, given you are going to be measuring for your base layers. To measure your neck, run the inch tape around the base of your neck and leave about a finger’s space to allow for the ease of fitting. To do your sleeves, measure from the center of your neck to your all the way down the shoulder till the wrist.

Go around the fullest part of your chest while encircling the shoulder blades will give you the correct measurement for your chest. The same goes for the waist and hip. Measure below your natural waistline and keep a finger in between for the waist and the fullest part of the hips. For the inseam, however, you can just measure a well-fitting pant of yourself instead of doing yourself.

Once you have all the measurements down, just match them up with our size chart that is super easy to use and there you have it – your perfect thermal wear size! Feel amazing and comfortable in a thermal that fits amazingly!

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