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Is Thermal Underwear Warm?

Is Thermal Underwear Warm?

If you're considering buying thermal underwear for this upcoming winter season, you may wonder if thermal underwear is warm. The simple answer is yes! Thermal underwear will keep you warm, but there's more to the story to consider when getting your first or dozen pairs of thermal underwear. 

How Thermal Keep You Warm

Thermals keep you warm with their numerous benefits. It's not because of one thing, but a combination of their benefits together that creates a cocoon of maximum warmth for your whole body. When looking for thermal underwear, consider the following. Thermal underwear are built to keep you warm, and you want to get the most out of them during the colder months or if you work in a cold environment.

• The Snug Fit: Fit is everything. For thermals to keep you warm, they need to fit like a second skin. This helps trap in your body heat and distribute it across your body. Find a thermal with a stretchable fabric so you can move freely without any gaps along with the ankles, waist, wrists, and neckline. You don't want the heat to escape or let the cold air in.

• Moisture-wicking: Staying dry is essential to your warmth. No matter your activity level, you will sweat. This can result in a soggy piece of clothing that will happily absorb the cold air. Thermals are made to pull this sweat from your skin and release it through the breathable fabric. It keeps you dry so you stay warm and comfortable longer. This is especially essential if you're outside a lot of work in a refrigerated warehouse.

•  The Stretchable Fabric: Believe it or not, owning thermals that stretch with your movements is essential to staying warm and dry. If they bunch up or create gaps between the fabric and your skin, you won't stay comfortable or dry very long. Plus, the stretchable fabric will help you move freely. It's a win-win!

•  Material: Material is everything when it comes to your thermals and staying warm. Avoid cotton. Though it's comfortable at first, the minute you sweat, cotton will absorb and retain that moisture. This will leave you feeling like a soggy mess. If you wear them for an outdoor activity, you end up cold and facing frostbite or hypothermia. Choose a Merino wool or synthetic blend like polyester/spandex. Silk is also a great fabric, but it will cost more. If you're on a budget, then polyester/spandex blends are perfect and will work great.

Thermal underwear will keep you warm. However, you may need to consider layering when it comes to working or playing outside. This will help add insulation and make the thermals much more effective in keeping you warm. Thermals will make the perfect base layer whether you're lounging at home or going outside. The secret to thermals keeping you warm is the benefits listed above. If you cover all these, you'll stay warm and comfortable all day and night.

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