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Long Johns for Kids

Long Johns for Kids

As much as your kids may love the spring and summer months, the warm seasons never last as long as you or your kids want them to. Fall creeps up relatively quickly, which is only a hint of winter that follows. This means breaking out the winter clothing and preparing for lower temperatures. Long johns or a full set will probably become the main staple of your winter gear. Whether it's for school, playing outside in the snow, or lounging around at home as a pajama, thermals are a winter must-have.

Kids love playing outside in the snow. This is especially true if they're supposed to be at school, but the weather blesses them with a snow day. Long johns will help keep them warm as they build snow forts, go sledding, and even walk with you around the neighborhood. Long johns are made to keep your kid warm. These aren't the thermals of the past but new state-of-the-art and fashionable thermals that fit snug and keep you comfortable.

Why Long Johns for Kids?

Kids are the best at maintaining their body temperature. They'd just as soon shed every layer they're wearing to cool off instead of the one that's needed. In the cold weather, this can be bad and cause health problems down the road or quickly. Thermals help your kids maintain this body temperature so they won't have to take off every layer you put on them before they go outside.

One thing to keep in mind is that kids hate being uncomfortable. Thermals are made of a soft fabric like polyester blended with spandex for a snug and stretchable fit. This gives them freedom of movement to play while keeping their body heat in. The snug fit around their neckline, waist, wrists, and ankles will keep their body heat from escaping and prevent cold air from entering. 

Since kids love to play, they're going to sweat. Cold weather and sweat don't mix, and moisture-wicking thermals pull sweat from your kid's body and release it through the breathable fabric. This keeps them warm and dry and helps ward off hypothermia and frostbite. It also helps them maintain a proper body temperature, so they don't overheat and start shedding all their clothing or come inside complaining about being too hot.

Add in a fleece lining, and your kid will get extra warm and moisture-wicking along with even more comfort for a cozy experience that'll have them asleep in their thermals overnight. This can save you from being woken up at night with a kid who wants to cuddle due to being too cold. You and your children can rest easy with long johns for kids in your winter gear. Since thermals are affordable, having a few pairs on hand is helpful in case one gets soaked, or it's laundry day.

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