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Long Johns for Winter

Long Johns for Winter

Finding the correct type of long johns is essential if you want to stay warm during the cold season. Long johns are designed with inciting fabric that will help protect your body from freezing temperatures. Like many people, you may choose the suitable long john to be a challenge. Here are some benefits to keep in mind when it comes to buying your long johns.

The Material

Many brands use different fabrics. These can range from wool to polyester blends. Choose one that will be friendly to your skin and one that is not going to irritate you if you need to wear them all day. Merino wool may be smooth against the skin for many people, but it can also irritate your skin. If this is the case, choose a polyester or synthetic blend that will be much more lightweight and cost-effective.


Consider why you need to wear your thermal underwear. The primary purpose of your long johns is going to be providing warmth. It will also retain your body heat while you're outside and help you enjoy the weather better. You will have freedom of movement no matter what your activity level is. Choose a brand made of stretchy material to be more durable and provide a more comfortable fit. Many polyester blends are made with spandex to help give this durability and stretchability factor.

Garment Care

Another thing to consider is how you'll take care of them in the wash. Fabrics like wool and silk may be comfortable. They are going to take extra care when it comes to keeping them clean. However, polyester thermals are going to be easier to take care of in the washer and dryer.

Style and Fashion

You can buy thermals as either a complete set or as a top or bottom piece. Many people choose to go with a thermal top as it is seen as more fashionable. However, your legs are going to get cold as well. Buying a complete set, including the bottoms, will help keep your legs warm and protected against the cold. Even when nature calls, you won't have a problem taking them off to answer that call.


Some thermals are going to cost more than others. These include Merino wool and silk. However, if you are on a budget, synthetic long johns will work just as well but won't cost you as much. A polyester-spandex blend for thermals can easily be bought at an affordable price.

If you want to reap the most out of the benefits of your thermal underwear, you want to ensure you choose the right ones for your winter essentials. Having a suitable pair of thermals will help you stay active and going throughout the winter season.

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