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National Park Maintenance and the Art of Staying Warm

National Park Maintenance and the Art of Staying Warm

As the snow blankets many national parks, staying warm is not just something to think about, but necessary for survival as you work. While the peaceful trails, abundant wildlife, and picture-perfect snowscapes offer a splendid and breath-taking view of the world around you, none of them will keep the cold away. The chances of cozying up to a bear are slim, so it’s probably best to make sure you’re prepared for the season. 

Since nature isn’t always kind, a set of women’s thermals or thermal leggings for women under your uniform are a perfect start to staying warm and toasty. Weather can get extreme, so dressing correctly and having the equipment needed for your work will make working outside easier to deal with. 

Thermals will help keep you dry. As you work, you’ll sweat, and the fabric of the thermals will wick the moisture away. In extreme winter conditions, staying dry is vitally important. Synthetic of wool, women’s thermals will keep you warm and dry in the chilly weather. Avoid cotton as this fabric absorbs moisture and locks it against your skin. Frostbite and hypothermia are a more significant danger if you get wet.

Synthetic or wool socks will provide your feet with some much-needed warmth as their contact with the snow is unavoidable. Wear gloves or mittens with breathable shells to allow the moisture to escape. To add to your arsenal of warmth and comfort, a windproof and waterproof outer layer will keep water from getting in and protect you from the dreaded wind chill.

Something to take into consideration is that the sun still shines during the winter. Make sure to wear your sunglasses as the light can reflect off the snow or ice and is intense enough to cause snow-blindness. Though its winter, you can still get sunburnt. While polar tanning may be a thing for some, the rays and cold can cause skin damage, so apply some sunscreen. Your skin is a wonderful and amazing thing, protect it.

If the weather isn’t too bad, thermal leggings for women may be all that’s needed to keep your legs warm. Your warmth and the amount you layer are going to depend on your cold tolerance. However, extra safety measures while working in the winter can only help you, and can be vital to you and your co-worker’s survival. The cold air, and deep snow, not to mention slippery trails, can cause problems in your daily work.

Women’s thermals provide the necessary protection as a base layer to stay warm. As a lightweight layer, they aren’t bulky as they fit snug against your body. They’ll wick away moisture and distribute body heat to keep you warm and dry while you work.  Your job for the park service is essential not only for visitors but for the environment as well. Preparing for your day with the right clothing and equipment will prevent a lot of avoidable hazards so you can do your work in warmth and comfort. Nature is fickle, but proper preparation will keep you warm.

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