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Staying Warm While Working in Cold Storage

Staying Warm While Working in Cold Storage

Working in the cold storage industry has its ups and downs. Ever since the inception of frozen food, cold storage and extreme temperatures have been the name of the game. Unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. Many people don’t like the cold even if it has a generous salary and benefits. Fortunately, it does offer a fast-paced environment and technology to keep everything running smoothly. However, staying warm has its challenges.

The cold can be unrelenting and pose a hazard to your health. As a cold storage worker, being aware of how the cold affects your body both externally and internally will help you stay safe as you work. Remember, there are ways to stay perfectly warm and safe while working in a cold storage area. It is relatively easy to do so. Following your company’s guidelines will help ensure your warmth and safety on the job.

The Cold and How it Impacts Your Work Performance

The cold can reduce how well you perform on the job—even minor discomfort affects how you respond. You could lose sensitivity and skill on your hands, feel numbness, and even deal with the possibility of accidents. Even your concentration is affected by the cold, which can make your response time slower.

You may run the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. Long-term conditions like arthritis, bronchitis, and even rheumatism are commonly seen due to the cold. These are usually associated with years of working in a cold environment without proper protection. Also, tissue and muscle damage may occur due to the cold.

Staying Warm on the Job

Long underwear and other thermal clothing will become a regular part of your working clothes. They’ll fit snug to trap in body heat and wick away moisture, so your sweat gets released instead of sticking to your skin and helps reduce your chances of developing frostbite or hypothermia. There are also other ways to stay warm.

• Take a break to warm up. These breaks are legally part of your job while working within the industry—warm-up with a drink and a healthy snack to keep your metabolism going. Take the breaks even if you aren’t feeling cold. It will help keep your body temperature at the correct level,

• Wear thermals as a base layer along with other PPE. Thermal clothing and protective clothing are essential to your job. Long underwear has come a long way and will help keep you warm while you work. You can still sweat while working in the cold. Thermals are moisture-wicking and will help keep you dry.

• Choose suitable footwear, head coverings, and gloves for your hands. You’ll lose a lot of body heat this way, and frostbite will initially hit your hands and feet first.

Working in the cold storage industry can be rewarding. Since frozen food won’t be going away anytime soon, you can enjoy a long career in the industry while reaping its benefits. Staying warm is easy, but it’s essential to follow your company’s guidelines for additional help and protection.

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