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The Secret of Base Layering for Kids

The Secret of Base Layering for Kids

There are many outdoor activities for you and your kids to enjoy, and base layers can help keep them warm. Whether the activity is skiing, winter shopping, or just playing outdoors, you want your kids to stay comfortable and healthy. Girl’s thermal underwear sets make a huge difference when it comes to a cranky and cold child or one who doesn’t even notice the chill. 

Why Base Layers for Kids?

Girl’s long johns trap warm air and provide a level of insulation that is more efficient than if they wear regular clothes. Your kid can even remove an outer layer if they get too hot.

A girl’s thermal underwear set makes the first layer. These are designed to fit tight and close to the body to avoid heat loss. Plus, they fit under clothes better without the bulk. If your child is going to be active, have them remove a layer before the activity, then put it back on after. That way, they don’t get too hot.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Damp clothes next to the skin in the cold is terrible news. They will make you colder and could cause other health-related issues. A thermal base layer has a built-in moisture-wicking feature which pulls sweat from your child’s body, keeping them warm and dry. This is especially helpful if they are active. This wicking also helps regulate body temperature. 

What Fabric to Choose From?

The best girl’s thermal underwear sets are made from merino wool. The price is usually relatively high, so instead a polyester-spandex blend can work just as well and is much more cost-effective. Here are some things to look for:

• Girl’s long johns help regulate body temperature as a base layer.

• They wick away sweat to keep your child warm and dry.

• They come in different weights: lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight. 

• Made of breathable fabric to release odors.

• Soft and comfortable to wear.

Here are 3 things to do while considering a purchase:

• Don’t buy them at a bigger size with thinking that you could get a few more years out of them. If the thermals are too big, they won’t retain warmth.

• Look at the price. Purchasing thermals in sets is often cheaper than buying them separately. 

• They come in many colors and patterns. You and your child won’t have to be worried about a lack of colors and can find some that match or contrast their current clothing choices.

Girl’s thermal underwear sets can make a cold day a whole lot better and make a cold and grumpy kid feel happy, comfortable, and warm. While many may see winter as a time to stay indoors, dressing your child in thermals as a base layer can give them the freedom to explore the outdoors. This base layer is the first step to keeping the chill away. 

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