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Thermal Underwear for Men

Thermal Underwear for Men

Winter has arrived, so it's time to ditch the tank tops, shorts, sandals, and maybe those t-shirts. If you work in a colder area, you'll soon be layering up before work or play. With layering, this usually consists of your thermal underwear or a base layer, the middle layer, and finally, the wind and water-resistant outer layer. As the temperature drops, you'll find yourself looking at fleece in a whole new light as you want to stay protected against the cold.

While layering may sound bulky, thermal underwear is thin and lightweight enough to fit like a second skin. That way, they'll retain your body heat and keep you dry. You can wear a thinner layer on top for added insulation and protection. If you work outside, this can make your workday a bit more comfortable. You'll be glad you did, as you won't have to worry as much about frostbite or hypothermia.

Keep in mind that layering for working outside, your thermal underwear needs to fit snug against your skin. Also, not all long underwear is the same. You might want to consider avoiding cotton as these will absorb and retain the moisture, defeating the purpose of thermals. Most sporting goods stores and online brands like Thermajohn will have excellent base layers for all your outdoor fun and work.

If you do work outside, brands like Carhartt and Dickies are made for colder weather. Pair these with a durable set of thermals, and you'll be good to go. Don't forget gloves, hats, neck protection, and the proper boots and wool socks. Long underwear comes in different styles and colors, so you won't have to worry about not finding something. If you're super practical, then white or black colors are always popular.

Choosing the Right Material

If you do work outside, the suitable material for your thermals can make or break your day. Find a lightweight pair of thermals made of Merino wool, polyester, or other synthetic blends. Silk is also a good material but can prove costly, and taking care of them may be too high maintenance for most people. 

They should offer moisture-wicking, body heat retention, stretchable fabric for ease of movement, and, most of all, comfort. Working out in the cold is bad enough, so there's no reason to add to the discomfort. If you need something more cost-effective, synthetic materials like polyester or polypropylene will serve you well and are highly durable. Plus, they can be worn a few days in a row and are easier to take care of when doing the laundry. 

Working outside in the winter is a rough job. The jobs themselves are never easy, and the weather makes it more challenging. The right thermals will help ease some of the discomforts so you can concentrate on the job and no shivering for your eight hours plus a day on the job site.

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