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Thermal Underwear for Women – How it is Designed with the Woman in Mind

Thermal Underwear for Women – How it is Designed with the Woman in Mind

It’s no secret that the woman’s body is much different than a man’s. Although core temperatures are 98.6F or 37C, women often feel a lot colder than men. Your body naturally adjusts to climate changes, but only within a 1C up or down. Age, Activity, Illness, Pregnancy, and Hormonal Contraceptives can all affect our core temperature. So while men and women’s body stay generally the same, the temperature of our skin is much different. It is thought that the basic physiological difference such as size, weight, and bodily proportions affect the ability to conserve heat. Women are typically smaller and have a higher ratio of surface area to volume, which causes a rapid loss of heat.

With this scientific information in mind, Thermal Underwear is the perfect accessory for a woman. Fleecy thermal underwear work as insulators – or convection-heat-loss-fighters. The air is kept close to the skin so that once your body warms up, the insulation keeps that warmth and the cool air and wind on the outside won’t blow it away.

The main job of thermal underwear is to fight evaporative cooling. Evaporative Cooling is a process to cool air in warm climates. Thermals “wick” (or draw) sweat away from the skin, minimizing evaporative cooling. Fabrics such as Wool, Wool-Bamboo Blends, and Synthetic Fibers like Acrylics have excellent wicking properties in the goal of keeping dry and warm.

Layering has always been known as the best way to protect yourself from extreme weather. When done right, it can be the difference between having a great time and having your whole time ruined.

When in extreme weather there are several reasons that thermal underwear will be beneficial for women.

1. Wicks Away Moisture (see above).
2. Women’s thermal underwear can have a great fit allowing better movement, no bulky feelings.
3. Extremity Protection (wrists and ankles)
4. Great protection against cold (see above about women being colder!)
5. Most fabrics can be worn for long-term periods without fatigue or being overheated.
6. Bacteria resistant – military, hunter, campers, hikers – can be worn for weeks if needed.

When designing thermal underwear for women, it’s not just how it helps a women’s body temperature that was in mind. Thermal Underwear is also styled with a woman’s body in mind. There are options for tight-fit or loose-fit, lightweight or heavier weight, and comes in an array of different colors and sizes. This will allow for the woman to wear the thermal underwear as a base layer or as an outer layer.

Most women’s thermal underwear tops have a long sleeve and a scoop neck for comfort. Most leggings are offered in pants or capris style. Many companies offer sets to purchase so they are matching, regardless of how they are worn. In addition to the styles, many thermal underwear for both men and women are made for comfort.

Let’s take Thermajane for example. Thermajane offer’s extremely comfortable women’s thermal underwear. Their thermal underwear has all the wanted warmth, weight, and dryness a woman would look for in thermal underwear. They have made their comfortability top-notch. Here’s why:

Thermajane Tops:

• Ultra Soft Premium Fabric
• Odor Control
• UV UPF 50+ Sun Protection
• Tag Free Label for comfort
• Snug Spandex Cuffs

Thermajane Leggings:
• Light Weight Fabric
• Breathable Fabric
• Non-See Through Leggings
• Moisture Wicking Technology

These may not be important features for just anyone, but for a woman, it explains pure comfort and obvious knowledge of the women’s body when designing.

The biggest misconception about thermal underwear for women is that they are bulky, uncomfortable, and only necessary when going to extremely cold temperatures. While they do work going to extremely cold temperatures, thermal underwear for women can actually be quiet flattering. They have improved their design over the years and their comfortability and have made them an ideal addition to any woman’s closet.

So remember that regardless of the reason you are using thermal underwear, companies have made their designs to actually flatter the woman’s body instead of being a frumpy oversized thermal. It’s important to understand that, as a woman, companies cater to our bodies and how they are so different from men. So very different!

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