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Thermals for When the Power Goes Out

Thermals for When the Power Goes Out

Late fall through early spring can bring some crazy weather. Unfortunately, this can also bring power outages that may last longer than a few hours. When this happens, it's essential for you to keep your kids warm. While not everyone can afford or own a generator, kids’ thermal underwear is a perfect alternative. At the same time, you hold out for the heat to turn back on. Kids’ long johns are essential for every season and make a great addition to any winter survival kit.

There's nothing like watching a movie with your kids when all of a sudden, the power goes out due to the raging blizzard or wind. Not only does it ruin the film, but it can impact the bonding between you and your kids. If this happens, it's best to stay calm as your kids may get a little frightened. Having flashlights for everyone can make the experience better and more fun. Plus, making a game can help distract your kids from the darkness and lack of power. 

This is also an excellent time to get your kids to change into some kids’ thermal underwear. While the power usually comes back on relatively fast, there are times when it doesn't. Being prepared with kids’ long johns will make the dropping temperatures easier to handle. It will also give you an excuse to cuddle up under a blanket with your kids and read them a book with a flashlight. 

If you have kerosene heaters, this will help cut back on the cold, but it's best to take all the safety precautions when using them. Since the heater can't be in every room at once, you can use the power outage as an excuse to turn the living room into a campsite. To increase the fun, encourage your kids to make a blanket fort. It may sound like an odd thing to do, but the blanket fort will help keep some of the heat in as it will provide some minor insulation help.

Another thing to consider is hydration. Drinking enough water is essential as the cold temperatures will cause your kid's body to burn liquids faster. Water would be best as making hot chocolate could prove challenging with no power. Also, some power bars for food will help keep their energy levels up unless you have a gas range then you could draw heat and warm meals off of that as well. 

Thermals will make a power outage in cold weather a lot more bearable. While your kids may get bored a lot easier than usual, having a plan for when it happens will give everyone something to do and make you better prepared for when it does happen. Most importantly, staying warm is the best option.

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