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Wearing Thermals Under Your Ice-Skating Uniform

Wearing Thermals Under Your Ice-Skating Uniform

You don't have to be an Olympian to know that ice-skating is a cold sport. If the cold air isn't bad enough, there's also the fact that the ground beneath your feet is a sheet of ice. What do you wear under your ice-skating uniform or other clothes to stay warm in the cold? The best thing to wear is a girls’ thermal underwear set.

Layers Will Keep You Warm

Indoors or outdoors, ice-skating involves the cold, and layering is the best way to stay warm. The cold isn't the same as it would be if you were standing or sitting still. As you skate, you have the cold and the wind all around you, including the ice under your feet. Layering with girls’ thermals as a base layer will help keep you warm and toasty. Thermals are made of a stretchable material, so wearing these under your uniform will allow you to move freely as the fabric has a four-way stretch. Freedom of movement is essential in the world of ice-skating due to all the intricate moves that you may be doing. They will also wick away moisture as all that skating will build up a sweat, so you want to stay dry as you skate in the cold. Plus, with layers, you can discard one as needed and add it back if you get too cold.

Keep Your Clothing Choices Comfortable

Unless you are performing, you'll probably be able to wear something over your uniform. Like your girls’ thermal underwear set, you want your other clothes or layers to offer that same freedom of movement. Bulky clothing will throw you off, and with ice-skating, you need to be free to glide and be graceful like a swan on the ice. You may also want to avoid using a scarf as this can get caught in your skates. While you still may fall, you want to do so freely and not because of a tripping hazard.

Also, keep your clothes as lightweight as you can while keeping you warm. Even if you are wearing girls' thermals under your uniform, you still want some added protection if you're warming up or taking a break while others compete. Don't forget other necessities like coverage for your head, ears, and hands. Unless you are competing, there's no need to allow yourself to get cold unless it's necessary.

Ice-skating is a great sport and is a staple of the winter season and Olympic competition. Even though it's a winter sport, you can still stay warm on the ice by wearing the right thermals under your uniform. You'll stay warm, dry, and comfortable when you hit the ice while retaining the flexibility you need to move freely. Whether you're going for the gold or skating for fun, dressing appropriately is essential for your enjoyment and protection.

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