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What is the Best Long Underwear for Skiing

What is the Best Long Underwear for Skiing

When it comes to skiing, you'll want the best men's long underwear to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while you're on the slopes. You don't want to be caught shivering on the ski lift waiting for your next run downhill and need a pair of quality men's long underwear to keep you warm. Since skiing is a sport, you're going to sweat, and having the right men's long underwear to keep you dry is essential to your health. It will protect you from the onslaught of hypothermia and frostbite.

What to Look For in Men’s Long Underwear

There are several things to look for to ensure that you have the best long underwear for your next ski trip when it comes to men's long underwear. In general, you're looking for lightweight, quick-drying underwear that's sweat-wicking and dryer than a flannel. You'll want breathable underwear, and you're looking for something that's built to last. To protect against the elements, you'll want to look for long underwear that's made from a strong material, such as fleece or a super-absorbent fabric.

Aside from just looking at the box for men's long underwear that's manufactured in the United States, you'll want to find a long underwear brand that offers sizes that fit you and that has long underwear options for men that are in the same size range as you.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is one of the best thermal materials that you can find on the market today. Not only is it highly durable, but it's also warm and odor-free, making it ideal for keeping you cozy and dry in the chilly mountains. Because Merino wool is a natural material, it's hypoallergenic. It will keep you warm whether you're roasting in the sun or freezing your ass off in the wind.


The fabrics that are most frequently used for men's long underwear are synthetic. While they're less durable, they're easier to clean and are an excellent choice if you have multiple trips to the ski slopes during the season. Synthetic fabrics are the least expensive options available but are not as breathable as wool or hemp blends. They can wick away moisture as well as your wool. 

How to Find the Best Men’s Long Underwear for Your Next Ski Trip

To help keep you dry, there should be a generous lining to absorb any moisture on your body and keep you warm. If you're going to be using a ski mask, the short lining will keep it from becoming dirty and uncomfortable. The fabric of men's long underwear should be either cotton or polyester. It should be light in weight and retain heat when it's wet. Make sure you check out reviews on different brands and models and find out how long a particular pair of men's long underwear lasts. If it's nylon and not a moisture-wicking material, you'll need to wash them regularly.

No matter which style of ski suit you're buying for your next ski trip, you want to make sure that you're getting the best men's long underwear to protect you from the elements while you're on the slopes. But that's not the only thing you need to think about before hitting the slopes. How you choose to warm up is just as important as what kind of ski suit you decide to wear.

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