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What Material Is Thermal Underwear?

What Material Is Thermal Underwear?

The winter season calls for new ways to pack. When it comes to the colder weather, few things will suck the joy out of any sightseeing trip, like the cold that's creeping across your skin and being wet due to sweating. But even if you're traveling or need to go outside, thermal underwear will help you make the best out of a cold situation.

The stay warm and especially dry in cold weather, your immediate solution will be a good set of thermal underwear. These lightweight thermals will be highly effective and versatile when it comes to keeping you and your family warm. Due to their lightweight nature and the stretchable fabric, they aren't bulky, and they will hide the discreetly under your clothes; that way, you can stay warm. However, suppose discretion isn't a problem. In that case, they will also make for great outerwear and come in different colors so you can show off your sense of style while being comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Thermal Underwear

When you buy your first pair of thermals, consider these three characteristics before you make your purchase. These are going to be the long john’s material, use, and shape. The main thing you might want to consider is what your long underwear will be made of. You want a good fabric that's going to work for all activities and weather conditions that you will be outdoors in.

Merino Wool

This fabric is considered some of the best materials for any base layer that is on the market. It is a natural fiber that will keep you warm and keep moisture away from your skin, and so it doesn't add any extra bulk underneath your clothes. It's a perfect choice for any activity, and it's relatively versatile and its use. One of the downsides to this fabric is the fact that it's going to be expensive. Also, if you have sensitive skin, this fabric may be too rough for you, and you may want to choose a more synthetic material.


Long underwear comes and other options when it comes to material like synthetic fabrics. The most popular will be polyester that is usually mixed with other fabrics such as spandex for edit stretchability. One of the benefits of using synthetic material for your thermals is that it will be more cost-effective on your pocketbook. It's also easier to take care of when it comes to the wash, and you can wear them more than one day in a row.

While other fabrics are out on the market, some of them, like silk, will be just as effective as well or synthetic, but they will cost much more than your average thermal. Other fabrics such as cotton should be avoided. They will absorb and hold in the moisture, which can prove very uncomfortable if you're outside in the cold and sweating.

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