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What’s Long Underwear?

What’s Long Underwear?

Facing the cold weather means taking drastic measures in the face of a chilly situation is necessary. If you live in an area with cold weather and shallow temperatures, bulky clothes and staying indoors might not be such a great solution. Long underwear is here to save the day. Perhaps you are wondering what long underwear is?

Two-piece underwear with long sleeves and leg length is called long underwear. You wear it under the clothes you usually wear. The ability of long underwear to keep a person's body at a constant temperature makes it thermal underwear.

Long Underwear: A Brief History

In the 17th century, long underwear first appeared in England. Knife fighters wearing them at significant events significantly increased their popularity. Also, the famous boxer John Sullivan wore them while competing in the 19th century.  

The Type of Material Used

Cotton-polyester blends are usually used in long underwear. However, some varieties are made from flannel. To generate the most heat, most European manufacturers use wool blends or wool only. Even when it is wet, yarn will still retain its insulating properties. It is fire-resistant and provides the required protection from the weather's worst elements. Additionally, thin layers of polyester can be added to drain moisture away from the skin.

A Good Pair of Long Underwear Should Have the Following Characteristics:

•  Base layers should provide comfort, freedom of movement, and dryness.

•  Fits perfectly. It is ideal for long underwear to fit snug and not constrict to distribute your body temperature evenly.

•  Wearing it under your regular clothes won't stick since the outer surface is slick and non-sticky.

•  For body temperature regulation, it's essential to consider the material and weight of the long underwear.

•  Care for thermal underwear. To ensure that your purchased thermal underwear will last longer, take note of how you will take care of it, and the procedures should be simple.

Our Long Underwear Is the Best of the Best

A customer's needs are always our top priority. Polyester and spandex are the materials used in our industry to enable mobility and flexibility. This long underwear is made of lightweight materials, so it is comfortable to wear under your clothes.

By retaining your body heat, polyester keeps you warm and comfortable. Moreover, the underwear is breathable, itch-free, ultra-comfy, and efficient at wicking sweat away. The product remains consistent, i.e., dry and comfortable.

They can be worn under regular clothes and during workouts since it is lightweight and does not require multiple layers. The long underwear is also multipurpose and can be used whenever you exercise or go for a run.

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