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What Thermal Underwear is the Warmest?

What Thermal Underwear is the Warmest?

If you are like many people, you love a lot of aspects of the winter but don’t do that well in the cold. After all, take away the cold feeling and the winter is an enchanting time of beautiful landscapes and fun activities. But for those that have a tendency to get quite chilly, choosing the right thermal underwear can make the difference between enjoying winter and wanting to stay at home under blankets instead. Fortunately, selecting the right thermals will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even when the temps drop. Let’s look at important considerations for picking the right thermal underwear.


This is very important when it comes to thermal underwear as fit is essential for enabling it to accomplish its purpose. Your thermals should feel like being hugged. In other words, it should be a pretty tight fit but not tight enough to restrict your blood flow. If you are uncomfortable, you likely have too tight of a fit. Still, it should touch your skin throughout as this increases its ability to protect your core.


While there are many great fabrics for thermal underwear, you’ll overwhelmingly want to avoid cotton. Cotton has some advantages, but its disadvantages do seem to make it not a great choice compared to other options. It is more likely to shrink, takes longer to dry if it gets wet, and doesn’t have as many thermal properties. Instead, opt for synthetic fibers, wools, or a blend of the two.


Thermal underwear is typically very thin despite having multiple layers woven together. However, if you are looking to engage in activities outdoors such as skiing, hiking, running, or snowshoeing, you’ll probably produce a lot of heat from your movement. Thus, you will want to opt for thermal underwear specifically designed for being active. These types are typically a bit thinner and wick moisture, ensuring that you don’t overheat.

One Piece or Two

When we think of thermals, we typically think of long pants. However, staying warm outside means choosing both a top and bottom. Additionally, for those wanting even more warmth, a one-piece thermal bodysuit is great for protecting skin from cold air. However, one-pieces are a bit difficult for having to go to the restroom. Whether you choose one piece or two, ensure you are covering both your top and bottom for maximum warmth.

Price Point

With synthetic fibers, there are now a wealth of different price points for thermal underwear. However, you want to make sure you are not sacrificing quality for savings. If a product appears far too cheap, it may very well be. Select reputable brands that have affordable but not rock bottom pricing to ensure your thermals perform as desired.

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