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When Should You Wear Thermal Underwear?

When Should You Wear Thermal Underwear?

When the temperatures start to plummet, dealing with the wintry weather and cold wind can make for an uncomfortable day. Excellent and proper outerwear will help, but having a foundation of thermal underwear can make the day a lot more comfortable. Your thermal underwear should keep you warm and dry, not to mention relaxing. After all, the outdoor weather is bad enough. You don't want to add discomfort to the mix. However, is there a perfect time to wear your thermal underwear?

That does depend on the person. Everyone tolerates cold differently. Because of this, some may not put their long johns on until extreme weather hits. On the other hand, others will break their long johns out at the first drop of temperature in forty degrees. No matter which side you fall into, you'll want to wear them as soon as you start getting cold. This will help you get through the season in comfort.

Wear Your Thermals with a Layered Look

If you want to stay warm in the cold months, then a layered look is essential for your overall well-being. Your first layer is going to be your thermals or base layer. Usually, at the beginning of the winter season, you may be able to get away with wearing only a base layer under your regular clothes and a light jacket. However, as the season progresses, adding extra layers will prove beneficial to your comfort.

Your thermals will fit close to your skin. You want them tight but not too tight. This will help guarantee better body heat retention and help wick away any of your sweat. They'll be breathable and should be made of a fabric-like Merino wool, polypropylene, or polyester. These are the most popular fabrics for you to wear as it gets cold.

Though everything that has to do with layers starts with your thermals, you should wear them as a foundation for your layering to stay warm. They will act as an extra insulator, with the next couple helping to keep that heat in and the moisture out. 

Thermals are great for outdoor enthusiasts, lounging at home, or when the air conditioning at your office is set at an arctic temperature. They're also available in many colors and shapes to fit your sense of style. They come in sets for both men and women and separates like tops or bottoms. When debating when you should start wearing your thermals, consider doing so when you begin to break out the hoodie. As comfortable as hoodies are, they won't make you feel as cozy as a fleece-lined thermal top will. Plus, the bottoms make great tights or leggings and can easily be worn out in public. Wear your thermals when it's cold out or if you get chilly inside. Comfort is a thermal set away and a very cost-effective way to stay warm all season.

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