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When to Wear Thermal Underwear?

When to Wear Thermal Underwear?

Don’t you hate shivering in the cold, especially while doing something as simple as walking to your car in the winter? When the temperatures start to drop in the fall, it’s time for people to begin layering clothes and bundling up in their winter best. Instead of just shivering or awkwardly wrapping yourself in layer after layer, it’s time to break in the perfect pair of thermal underwear.

The Best Time of Year for Thermals

If you’re confused about the best time of year to start breaking in your long underwear, don’t worry! It is all based on your own preference and activity level. Lightweight thermal underwear can be worn as early as the fall when that first chill appears in the air, and you can transition to a heavier fabric blend as the temperatures drop.

Your long underwear can be worn all throughout winter until the spring thaw! Keep in mind that your particular climate can impact when you feel warm enough to forego the warmth and comfort of thermal underwear. Some people may cut down on the layers as early as February while others go well into March!

Based on your own preference and weather, the best time of year for thermals will be from November to February, with a few extra weeks on either end depending on your own unique circumstances.

Wearing Thermal Underwear for Different Activities

Weather and temperature are big reasons to wear long underwear, but some people may be hesitant based on their activity level. Luckily, thermals can be worn for a variety of activities! For example, if you have a labor intensive job or hobby, you may worry about overheating while wearing long underwear. Yet all you would need to do is find a lightweight, breathable blend!

Thermal underwear are perfect for transitioning from the indoors to the outdoors. If you have a long commute or walk to work, thermals will be perfect at keeping you warm while outside and letting you cool off inside! The sweat-wicking technology prevents that clammy feeling and releases unneeded body heat.

As you can see, you should simply be wearing thermal underwear whenever you begin to feel cold! Don’t worry about the time of year or the intensity of your daily activities - thermals come in a wide variety that can keep you warm (but not hot) whenever you need it. Don’t be afraid to break out your thermal underwear when that first fall chill begins to settle in!

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