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Why am I Always so Cold?

Why am I Always so Cold?

The colder seasons and climates have their share of cold temperatures, but for some, being cold all the time is a daily occurrence. Even with summer and spring here, being cold is a constant struggle and uncomfortable for many people. Are you one of those people who are constantly shivering when everyone else is warm? Why you may tend to get cold, other conditions may warrant your inability to keep warm.

How to Dress When Constantly Cold

Women’s thermals are a practical way to stay warm. They’re lined with fleece, fit you like a second skin, and distribute your body heat, so you stay warm. Thermals for women will also make an excellent base layer as they’re thin enough to be worn under your clothes. Thermals are also flexible with their stretchable fabric, so there are no worries about restricting body movements. 

What Could Cause Me to be Cold All the Time?

Suppose you feel cold all the time, it's best to see your physician see if there are any underlying issues related to you being cold all the time. Your doctor can run the necessary tests needed to see if any medical conditions exist and how to treat any problems that you may have. Below is a list of conditions that could cause you to be cold all the time.

• Anemia: Anemia is when you can’t produce enough red blood cells. These cells are needed to carry oxygen in your body. However, Anemia comes in different varieties, with feeling cold being the most common symptom. Other symptoms are fatigue, looking pale, or irregular heartbeats.

• Hypothyroidism: The thyroid helps regulate your metabolism, which is the chemical reaction that maintains your body temperature. If it doesn’t make enough of its hormones, or if it does, but you can’t regulate it effectively, you may develop hypothyroidism. Feeling cold is a common symptom, along with thinning hair, dry skin, fatigue, constipation, or weight gain.

• Blood Vessel Problems: If your feet and hands are always cold, you may have a disorder with your blood vessels in those areas. This can mean restricted blood flow in your arms and legs. Besides feeling cold all the time, you might suffer from clammy skin, white or blue coloring in your toes and fingers, a tingling/throbbing/numbness in your arms and legs.

Other medical conditions could cause you to feel cold all the time. It’s best to contact your doctor so they can run the necessary tests. While you wait for an appointment or test results as this is a normal thing, wearing women’s thermals or thermal underwear for women will work great to help reduce your feelings of being cold all the time. While huddling under a blanket is great for winding down after a long day, you can’t carry a blanket with you to work. However, thermals fit like a second skin and will keep you cozy all day.

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