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Why Does Thermal Underwear Work?

Why Does Thermal Underwear Work?

One of the best ways to keep warm during the winter is layering. Dressing in layers is essential to keeping warm while outside and making sure you stay dry. Having a foundation of thermal underwear is the best way to make sure your layering system works. Because of thermal underwear, you'll be able to wear what you want over top of them and keep that body heat in. 

Thermal underwear is the primary layer or commonly known as the base layer. This layer works by coming in direct contact with your skin. This is mainly why they are the most important item in the layering process. Your long johns will always remain on you, even when you remove your other layers.

However, even though you have them, it's vital to understand how your thermals work. One way to do this is to have a little understanding of your body regulating your body temperature. This will allow you to know how your long underwear works in keeping you from freezing while outside.

Why Does it Work So Well?

Your body's physiology is essential to the process. One fact to understand is that your body needs to be kept at least thirty-seven degrees Celsius. This is your core temperature. If your body experiences a rise or fall in temperature, you could deal with severe health problems. One way your body responds to this is by working as both a cooling and heating mechanism.

As you work out, your body temperature rises. This activates your sweating process, which helps cool you down. It will operate no matter the season, and you could lose a lot of water this way. That's why staying hydrated is so essential. Sweating too much can cause a lot of discomfort and hypothermia in cold conditions. It can also cause fatigue.

Your heating system is not as complex as other mammals. You won't have everything needed, like lots of fur to keep you warm. Your skin temperature will be your alert system as your surface temperature is four degrees colder than your internal core temperature. 

Thermals come into play by helping you regulate your surface and core temperature, so you don't overheat or sweat too much. They will retain your body heat and wick away your sweat, so you stay warm, dry, and comfortable. Thermals work by isolating and maintaining your body heat. They regulate your temperature and prevent overheating. They will also keep you dry. Thermals work as both a way to keep us warm and cool at the same time. While it seems contradictory to say this, thermals do both with how they work.

Knowing a little about how your long johns work will help you layer better and prepare yourself for the winter season. You can enjoy more of the outdoors safely and not have to hibernate all winter due to the cold. The winter weather will open up, and you and your family can continue with your daily activities.

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