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Why Should I layer on Top of My Thermals?

Why Should I layer on Top of My Thermals?

While thermals are great to keep you warm, you can still get cold when you're outside unless you layer correctly. Wearing the proper clothing items on top of your thermals help your thermals for women work better. Without the adequate layers, you'll find yourself shivering as the cold will eventually seep through the fabric of your long johns for women. As the winter months get colder and the wind picks up, layering on top of your thermals should be an essential part of your cold-weather gear.

Wearing the right clothing for winter can seem like a challenge. One minute you're warm and cozy outside but start to sweat and roast as soon as you walk indoors. Avoiding this issue is as simple as choosing the right clothing and layering so you won't suffer any of these issues. You'll find that layering offers a lot of benefits so you can enjoy the winter to its fullest with overheating.

What You Should Wear on Top of Your Thermals

• The First and Most Important Layer – This layer is going to be your thermals. These snug-fitting garments are best worn against your skin. You can get them in Merino wool, silk, cotton, or a synthetic blend like polyester and spandex. They'll lock in body heat, and the breathable fabric will pull moisture away so it can escape leaving you dry. Warm and dry always beats cold and damp, which can prove a threat to your health.

• The Second Layer – This is what you would wear over your actual thermals for women. This can be fleeces, jeans, and a flannel, sweater, or something similar that will help insulate and promote added warmth and insulation. Fleece is fashionable as it is fantastic in retaining heat and adds some padding in case you take a fall in the snow.

• The Third or Outer Layer – This layer is also an essential part of what you should wear over your thermals while in colder weather. It's also a protective layer that should provide wind and water resistance, fit right, and not be overly bulky. After all, you still need to move freely, and layering will keep you warm, so you aren't cocooned up while outdoors. Ski pants and ski jackets are fantastic, along with some lightweight Gore-Tex jackets. Your outer layer should have the following features:

  • Prevent water from entering the seams.
  • Wind and water-resistant material to keep you dry.

Though long johns for women are a mainstay in warmth and comfort, wearing them without the proper layers will prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of them. Dressing comfortably in the winter is relatively easy if you layer. Finding the right balance may take some practice, but it won't be long before you become a layering professional. Don't forget your hat, scarf, and gloves. Protect your feet as they'll get cold fast with wool socks for added insulation and moisture-wicking. Bring along some hot chocolate or your favorite hot beverage and enjoy the outdoors!

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