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Women: Staying Warm with Thermals is Frightfully Easy On Halloween

Women: Staying Warm with Thermals is Frightfully Easy On Halloween

With October here, finding that perfect costume is important. It’s also a time for scary movies, pumpkin spice, and, most of all, Halloween! It also means colder temperatures so staying warm while you’re out and about is also essential. Since trends in costumes change yearly, the one thing that doesn’t is the need to look great while not freezing.

Whether trick or treating, hitting the clubs or attending an office party, your costume has to be on point. It also needs to keep you warm as Halloween comes at a chilly time of the year. Thermals come in many colors, but the most popular are black, white, and even skin-tone. This way you can find a set that doesn’t clash with your costume.

We all love a sexy angel or vampire this time of year, but catching a cold or freezing is the last thing you want or need. Staying warm and comfortable should be a priority. Wearing a pair of women’s thermal leggings or a women’s thermal set is the perfect way to layer your costume and keep the chill at bay.  Find a lightweight fabric that is made of merino wool or polyester with moisture-wicking will work excellent. 

Here are some ways to stay warm this Halloween:

1. Check the weather apps for a forecast: Knowing what the temperatures will be will help you decide on whether or not thermals will be necessary. Make sure you’re prepared. 

2. Choose the right base-layer: The more air your clothing trapped next to your skin, the more insulated and warmer you’ll be. Sometimes a lightweight thermal set is all that’s needed. Make sure it’s tight against your skin but not too close. Stick with a polyester or merino wool fabric to keep you dry and warm. You can get a women’s thermal set in any of these fabrics.

3. If possible, size up: Getting a size larger than usual will make layering easier.

4. Add needed accessories: These can be gloves or mittens, socks to match the costumes, women’s thermal leggings are tighter thermals that match the color of skin for the more skimpier costumes, or even a cloak or cape. 

5. Wear a wig: This can not only improve the look of your costume, but it’ll keep your head and ears warm. 

6. Add a jacket: While you don’t always have to wear it, having one nearby can be beneficial in case the chilly weather makes a turn for the worse. 

7. Hand warmers: Keep some of these in your pockets of a jacket or in a bad to use as needed. Trick or treating can get cold, and you don’t want your fingers to freeze.

While having fun during Halloween is the top of everyone’s agenda, you won’t have any if you’re too cold. Wearing a women’s thermal set or for the sexier and more revealing costumes, a pair of women’s thermal leggings will significantly increase your chances of having fun as you’ll be warm and comfortable. Memories of this night shouldn’t include huddling with others for warmth but filled with candy apples, the scents of fall, spooky movies, and good times all around.

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