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12 Steps on How to Dress Children Properly for Snow

12 Steps on How to Dress Children Properly for Snow

Kids love to play in the snow. Whether it’s a snow day from school or waking up on the weekend to see a blanket of fluffy whiteness covering the ground, they dream of all the potential fun they can have. While playing outside is fun, it’s also an excellent way for your kids to get exercise. Dressing them in a set of girl's long johns will help keep them warm and prevent problems like hypothermia or frostbite.

Understanding How to Dress in the Snow

  1. When it comes to the cold, dressing your child in at least three layers is a good rule of thumb. A base layer of longs johns for girls, which will retain heat and wick away moisture, a second layer for insulation, and an outer layer for protection against the wind and outside moisture.
  2. Synthetics and wool fabrics are the best. When buying your child some girl’s long johns, the material is everything. You want a material that will lock in heat and wick away moisture. Merino wool, silk, and even polyester are perfect choices.
  3. Find a jacket that is waterproof as an outer layer. Repelling wind and water is essential for dressing for the snow. These will help your child stay dry. You can also use a spray-on water repellant to increase its effectiveness.
  4. Bright colors are essential. Contrast is going to be very helpful for you in keeping track of your kids. For safety reasons, you want to do anything you can to prevent them from blending in with the snow.
  5. Check the weather and keep updated on it. The temperatures could be too low, or there may be a severe snowstorm heading in your direction. 
  6. Dress your kid with a full set of girls long johns. Both a top and bottom work perfectly well as a base layer and should fit snug.
  7. Add a middle layer of a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, or a fleece jacket and comfortable pants for added comfort.
  8. Get a quality coat. Look for one intended for the snow, cold temperatures, wind resistance, and the ability to repel water.
  9. Snow pants for extra leg protection. Even your child’s legs can get cold and wet. Make sure they are in good condition as well as both water and wind-resistant.
  10. The right socks and boots will keep the feet warm. Wool or synthetic material is excellent for socks along with waterproof, insulated boots.
  11. A hat and scarf will help protect the head and neck. Use a short scarf to avoid any tripping hazards.
  12. Get a pair of gloves or mittens that are thick and well-insulated. Waterproof is an additional bonus, especially for snowball fights!
Though it may be cold outside, it's hard for your children to resist the lure of the snow. Especially when it comes to sledding, snow angels, building snow forts or snowmen, or just a good old fashioned snowball fight. Dressing them correctly in the right long johns for girls and other clothing will keep them safe and warm while they play.

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