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Extreme Weather Thermals for the Extreme Athlete: A Seasonal Guide for Women

Extreme Weather Thermals for the Extreme Athlete: A Seasonal Guide for Women

With the cold months here, your normal summer athletic wear will no longer cut it. The weather can get pretty rough as it can snow at any time, the temperature can drop with any cold front, and the chances of sleet and ice are high. As an outdoor athlete, this can affect your workouts and your drive to continue. Wearing thermal underwear for women can keep you just as extreme as the weather.

Women’s thermal underwear will not only help regulate body heat and wick away sweat but keep you comfortable enough to achieve your athletic goals. Thermals for cold weather are great but also a necessity for those cold fronts that bring in the extreme weather. While fabric weights will vary, a base layer of light to medium weight is best for most athletic activities.

Exercise or participating in winter sports is always an added challenge. Keeping warm and dry is easier said than done, and if your ability to withstand cold isn’t up to par, then it can be downright miserable. Thermal underwear for women will work to help you face the extreme temperatures and stay dry while you take your athleticism to a new level. Women’s thermal underwear isn’t just practical but comes in different colors and patterns in case the basic black and white aren’t for you. 

Outdoor sports have seen a surge of women participants. No longer are women holding back their natural athleticism but taking part in sports generally reserved for men. Because of this, women’s athletic wear has taken a turn to extreme sports with advanced thermals. 

Like all athletes, women sweat, and that can be dangerous in the cold. Thermals made from wool, polyester, and even silk can wick away this moisture while distributing body heat evenly across the skin. When participating in outdoor activities like jogging, skiing, and snowboarding, thermals make the perfect base layer. Choose natural materials like merino wool or synthetic fabric for their moisture-wicking capabilities. Silk also works well, but for some, the price tag may not be worth it.

As an athlete that thrives in the outdoors, layering is the best way to stay up to the challenge in keeping your fitness level high. A middle layer of fleece or wool will help keep you warm by keeping the cold air out and body heat in while you participate in your activities. An outer layer or shell should be water-resistant to prevent water from getting in and protect you from the wind.

Women’s thermal underwear is a vital base layer for all your outdoor activities. While your sport may be extreme, by wearing thermal underwear for women, you can match that extreme level and prevent the bad weather from holding you back. Achieving your next platform of fitness is back in your hands, and when it comes to achieving your goals, you won’t have to worry about a little snow.

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