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All the Reasons You Need to Wear Compression Clothing

All the Reasons You Need to Wear Compression Clothing

Many people, perhaps even you, wear compression gear without realizing the benefits. They've been around for decades. Besides the medical industry using them for their patients, different types of athletes from amateur to professional have embraced wearing them. 

Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Clothing

A women compression long sleeve shirt  or even a women short sleeve compression shirt  comes with many benefits besides fashion. Adding them to your wardrobe for fitness and regular wear comes loaded with benefits you can’t ignore. Here is a small list of reasons why you should wear compression clothing.

  • You’ll have an increase in blood flow and circulation. Originally, compression clothing had medical uses designed to help with a patient’s blood flow to prevent or alleviate vein diseases. For athletes, this gives the added benefit of providing you with a higher level of oxygenation for your workouts.
  • Working out can cause a lot of soreness. While this is part of the process, compression gear will reduce and even prevent pain along with limiting damage to your muscles. Many sport’s injuries can take a while to heal and prevent you from meeting your goals. However, this will keep you working out. 
  • Your muscles will stay in play with compression gear. This leads to fewer injuries and will also give you some added energy to your muscles for a faster recovery.
  • Recovery time is enhanced. Because of the increased blood circulation, compression garments will get rid of the lactic acid build-up due to working out. You’ll enjoy the added benefit of faster recovery time.
  • Your awareness of your body and the space around it will increase. You’ll have improvements in agility, posture, and added stability during your sports activity.

There are some additional benefits to compression gear!

  • More protection – Compression gear will protect your body from scratches and abrasions, especially in outdoor sports.
  • Reduced swelling – If you spend a lot of time working out, this will help reduce swelling due to overworking your muscles.
  • Wicks away moisture – Compression gear will keep you dry during a workout by pulling moisture away from your skin.
  • Less Tired – Due to increased blood flow, you will feel less fatigue.
  • Travel – Due to sitting for long periods on a flight, or the dreaded bus, compression gear keeps blood flowing.
While wearing a full compression set is excellent, many athletes opt-in for a women compression long sleeve shirt or a women short sleeve compression shirt depending on the weather or your athletic level. Though they have been initially designed for medical use, the modern-day fitness movement has embraced compression wear as it will increase your workouts and reduce injuries. As an athlete, the reasons for you to wear compression gear are numerous.

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