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2020 Women’s Trends: Call Them Leggings or Long Johns – They’re All in Style for Winter

2020 Women’s Trends: Call Them Leggings or Long Johns – They’re All in Style for Winter

While the judges still debate over whether long johns for women should be called leggings or not, the fact remains they’ve become a trendy piece of clothing for the winter months. Thermal leggings for women offer not just a base layer for winter, but with new styles and colors available, many women wear just the leggings as a way to stay warm and keep fashionable. 

Though, a somewhat polarizing piece of fashion, the leggings seem to have replaced the traditional pants as a stretchy and more comfortable alternative. What was once limited in the warmth factor, leggings have joined thermals in a fashionable and practical manner. 

Thermal Leggings and Long Johns

When it comes to colder weather, a nice brisk walk through a wintry park is excellent for the soul, but it keeps many from enjoying any outdoor activity. There is a solution, and that is the investment of thermal leggings for women that will not only keep you warm and toasty but will do so regardless of the below-zero temperatures. 

These fantastic leggings are designed out of high-performance insulation that traps heat, keeping your legs warms. Some are made of a cotton-polyester blend that is moisture-wicking and breathable while others are fleece-lined to keep you warm. These are a must-have when it comes to the cold weather season and have become the go-to bottoms for many women’s outdoor adventures. 

Thermals are needed to stay warm. Even though the ultimate goal is staying warm when its cold outside, they are also built for comfort. Silk thermal leggings for women are super smooth against your skin and also lightweight. This makes them great for layering or to wear when the days aren’t as cold.  

Many leggings and long johns for women come in different sizes like extra-long, plus size, or petite so you can find a pair that fits you perfectly. Whichever style you choose, pick a form-fitting stretchy thermal. It’ll keep you warm and looking fashionable even in the winter months. 

Many of these come in every color pattern, fabric, and feature and seem to pair well with other clothing types. These are a favorite of the fall and winter months and work great as a layering part of your winter clothing. As a fashion trend, they’ve become a regular staple with many women wearing them under a dress, an oversized sweater, a button-down/popover tunic, or even a sweater tunic. 

With a lot of fashion trends coming and going, thermal leggings for women are a permanent fixture in women’s clothing. As long johns for women have changed over the decades, women have found style and comfort that can be found in the same piece of clothing. Being trendy but sacrificing comfort is no longer a requirement, and many find themselves keeping leggings as a regular part of their wardrobe. In today’s fashion, warmth and comfort are no longer sacrificed for style. A woman can have it all.

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