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5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Warm at Night

5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Warm at Night

One thing any parent can probably vouch for is finding their kids complaining about the cold after having kicked off all the covers at night. There is one thing that you and your kid can agree on. Getting out of a cozy, warm bed is practically cruel and unusual punishment.

Keeping Your Kids Warm While They Sleep

As the cold seasons settle in for the long haul, most adults prefer to bundle up and disappear under a cascading mountain of blankets to stay warm. Kids, for the most part, are pretty much unaware of where they are when sleep kicks in and end up kicking off all their covers.

Here Are Some Tips to Keeping Your Kids Warm at Night

1. Sleepwear can take many forms, but if you want your child to have ultimate warmth and comfort, then a kid’s thermal underwear set is the perfect PJ! These long johns for girls take nightwear to the next level and can be worn on their own at bedtime. They are particularly useful if your kid has a habit of kicking off their covers regularly. 

2. Layering your child’s bed is a great way to keep them warm. This works on the same principle of layering clothes on a cold day. Have a blanket folded like a paper fan at the foot of their bed so they can pull it up when cold. This helps with the sheets and blankets already there, and if your kid is wearing thermals, then you have the ultimate layering system for sleeping.

3. Keep the cold out with thermal curtains around the windows. Using weather-stripping to stop any drafts will help keep a room from getting too cold. 

4. A popular thing to do is heat the room with a space heater. Heating the entire house efficiently is always good, but not everyone in the family will tolerate cooler temperatures the same. An electric heater or panel heat is well worth the investment, just be careful you follow all the safety precautions. Some come with a timer or economy setting to keep operating costs low.

5. Taking the chill out of the bed can be easily done. Though it sounds relatively old school, a large electric blanket is efficient, and you can change the settings to optimize comfort.

While you might not stop your kid from kicking the covers off, long johns for girls will keep them comfortable and help you sleep a full night without worry. A kid’s thermal underwear set makes for great pajamas and is a cost-effective way to keep your kid warm without cranking up the heat and your electric bill. 

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