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Affordable Thermal Long Underwear for Women

Affordable Thermal Long Underwear for Women

If you’re a woman, then you already know how frustrating, painful and annoying it can be to suffer through a cold winter. For a long time, I found myself constantly burrito-ing into blankets, putting on layer after layer, and cranking up the heat–but this can be inconvenient and in the case of a heater, expensive. That’s when I discovered the joys of wearing thermal underwear. Thermal underwear for women can really help, including me, women feel comfortable and warm throughout winter for years. So I’ve compiled this handy guide to help you understand why I love long underwear for women and how you can find affordable underwear to keep you warm all winter long.

Why I Love Thermal Long Underwear

The warmest long underwear in my wardrobe is what gets me through the winter. Long underwear is perfect for staying cozy warm without having to wear a bunch of bulky layers–inside or outside–or having to turn up the heat and adds hundreds of dollars to your electric bills. I love my long johns for women because it keeps me warm while saving me money–and really, how many items in your wardrobe can make that claim?

Another reason I really love thermal underwear is it’s not constricting at all. Think about what it’s like to go for a jog on a cold winter morning. Think about how hard it is to move when you’re wrapped up in 10 layers plus a winter coat. Now imagine all you need to wear is your long underwear and some jogging pants and a sweater. You’ll have way more freedom of movement and be more comfortable as well!

How to Find Affordable Thermal Underwear for Women

Now that you know why thermal underwear for women is so amazing, you need to find out how to buy it without draining your bank account. One of the biggest mistakes you can make regarding long underwear is simply buying any old pair you find online or at a clothing store. If you want to save money and find affordable pairs, you have to be a smart shopper.

I’ve spent a lot of time, effort and yes even money trying out different types of thermal underwear. In my experience, there are 3 things that can impact how much thermal underwear costs. The three main components that impact thermal underwear cost are: style, material and brand.

In regards to style, you have three (technically four!) options: separates, sets, and one-pieces. Separates for long underwear are self-explanatory—they are a separate top and bottom. Sets are a top and bottom sold together, and one-pieces are a singular piece similar to a long-sleeved jumper. One-pieces and sets are usually more expensive, so keep this in mind.

You’ll need to think about the material, too. Synthetic materials are the best of both worlds: they are warm, functional while also being affordable. Wool is another option that can keep you warm, but it is on the more expensive side. Avoid cheap cotton, as it’s useless for keeping you warm.

Keep the above information in mind when shopping for adorable thermal underwear and you’ll be warm all winter long.

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