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Are Thermal Underwear Supposed to Be Tight?

Are Thermal Underwear Supposed to Be Tight?

With winter around the corner, you'll need to either get your old thermals out or purchase new ones. One of the many things to consider is the overall fit of the thermal underwear set you're going to buy. While many love loose-fitting clothing for comfort, they don't always keep you warm. Thermal underwear are made to fit close to your body like a second skin. 

How Tight is Too Tight?

Also known as a base layer, thermal underwear is supposed to fit tight. First off, it is best to understand why you're buying thermals. Like everyone else, you want to keep warm during the colder months or if there's a cold front coming in for a day or two. You'll enjoy the maximum insulation Thermal underwear can give you.

This means they'll fit close to your body with no gaps at your waist, neck, or wrists. These gaps can create hot pockets and keep heat from being distributed across your skin. However, if they're too tight, you'll get uncomfortable quickly. If they're too loose, cold air will get in, and your body heat will escape. The only time a loose thermal is perfectly fine is in warmer weather. 

This snug fit helps retain your body heat and distributes it across your skin. This allows you to stay warm in cold weather or conditions. A fitted thermal is also moisture-wicking. This will pull moisture away from your body and keep you warm and dry. When purchasing your thermals, consider a lightweight material like a polyester/spandex blend. This will give you maximum wicking, lightweight fabric and the stretch you need to move without any restraints while keeping you warm.

Best Times to Wear Your Skin-Tight Thermals

You finally have your close-fitting thermals, and they fit like a second skin. When is the best time to wear them? They work best in the cold. This tight fit gives you the most effective comfort and warmth in that weather. While they should feel tight, you don't want them cutting off your circulation or air. Even compression garments have flex. You want a tight-fitting thermal that'll allow you to move freely without any hindrance to your movements. 

Size and Fit Effects the Snug Fit

Thermals are designed to conform to your body. Before choosing a smaller or large size due to how they look, start with your standard size. If they fit snugly without making you uncomfortable or have any gaps in the fabric, then these will be your desired fit. Also, consider the brand's size chart will also help you decide which is right for you.

Since everyone is shaped differently, take a good look at the reviews. If they say it's too small, then you may need to size up. If the reviews say too large, then you may need to size down. The best scenario is using the company's size chart. These are usually available online. This way, you get the snug or tight fit you need while remaining comfortable and dry.

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