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Can I Wash My Base Layer?

Can I Wash My Base Layer?

Baselayer garments are made from polyester/spandex blends. These pull moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool, dry, and comfortable in strenuous conditions (low temperatures, wind, rain, snow.). The garments are suitable for any activity level. They can be used as an extra thermal layer to work in cold weather or a technical sports garment for greater comfort and better performance.

Lightweight with fleece-lining, thermal clothing keeps body heat cool with moisture-wicking properties, dries quickly, and retains body heat for a more extended period. Because of the four-way stretchability, it does not restrict movement. The garment fits like a second skin and gives you the warmth you need without thick or heavy layers.

To decide how often to wash your base layer, it is essential to know how it works. Heat transfer occurs due to the unique structure of the fibers in the material. These fibers, made up of micro-cells, gradually become clogged with particles of skin, fat, and settled dust. When this happens, efficiency is lost, the air stops circulating in the product, and the accumulated moisture can no longer be transferred to the outside, remaining adhered to the skin's surface.

Synthetic textile fibers such as polyester/spandex blends with which the base layers are made require special care when washing them. It is recommended to wash thermal clothing as little as possible. However, if you decide to wash thermal clothing, you must follow these instructions:

1. Check the Label (A Brief Guide Often Ignored)

It is essential for any garment, especially for the thermal base layer, to check the label before washing. The label contains information and some specifications on how to wash clothes and what products or washing processes to avoid.

2. Washing Frequency

To keep your thermals in good condition for longer, it is advisable not to wash it often. It can be left hanging in the open air so that bad smells go away. If the garment only has a stain, wipe only the stain with a damp cloth.

3. Avoid Using a Washing Machine

As already mentioned, it is suggested to wash thermal clothing as little as possible. But if it is necessary, it is best to clean it manually. Manual washing doesn't hurt its elasticity and comfortable seams. Close all the closures you may have: zippers, buttons ... so that it does not get caught with other garments.

4. Avoid Using Any Chemical for Washing

It is recommended to use a neutral detergent without perfumes and not to use fabric softener or bleach, as they can damage the fibers of thermal clothing.

5. Wash With Cold or Lukewarm Water

When washing, try never to use hot water, rather lukewarm or cold.

6. Never Use the Iron

Just as it is not recommended to wash thermal clothes frequently in the washing machine, ironing is not recommended to keep them in good condition.

If you want to wash your base layer thermals, washing your thermal base layers means giving them the attention they deserve.

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