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Do You Wear Anything Under Base Layer?

Do You Wear Anything Under Base Layer?

We are very well used to the sun and the heat. The cold also repels us a lot, and we just think about covering ourselves and putting on layers of clothing. We already know that this is not the solution as the most appropriate one is to wear thermal underwear. Since the clothes don’t heat by themselves, it regulates the speed with which body heat escapes to the outside. The thermal base layer insulates the body, creating a double space between the clothing and the body to generate and retain heat. It is the first level of insulation from the cold and must absorb perspiration while taking it outside.

Do we still need to wear something under base layers with too many technical features they offer? The answer is yes, not because of preserving more heat, but due to hygiene issues.

While doing indoor/ outdoor activity, the body perspires, which causes bacterial growth and itching sensation. The fact is that fungi and bacteria prefer moist, warm, and dark places to breed, and their growth chances are excellent. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear underwear (boxer or briefs) with your thermal clothing base layer. Although thermal clothing is moisture-wicking yet it retains heat as well and these two factors are helpful for bacterial growth. These are washable, yet the washing frequency is very less often.   

The base layers are designed as insulation layers with polyester/spandex blend, giving the thermal clothing four-way stretchability. They are not a substitute for regular underwear in any way, even if some people choose not to wear a separate pair of underwear underneath them. On the other hand, underwear naturally gets shabby after one day only - then it gets washed. Underwear is also there as a shielding layer, gripping body liquids. Without a separate pair of underwear, the base layer may get soiled unnecessarily.

Also, suppose you decide not to wear any underwear under the base layer. In that case, your thermal underwear will wear down a lot quicker than it would otherwise.

Since thermal clothing is lightweight, wearing underwear underneath won’t make you bulky rather, it would add comfort and warmth. The snug fit property of the base layer will not let the seams of underwear expose while doing any activity. You can visit the Thermajane Thermajohn website to look for the best briefs and boxers to be worn under your thermal base layer.

The underwear and many other products can seamlessly be worn under Thermal clothing, such as reducer girdle panty or fastening fasteners.

Base layers are not just for outdoor/ indoor activity or sports. Instead, they are for comfort and warmth. But with the luxury they provide, we must not overlook the sanitary issue. Due to less washing frequency of thermal base layers, it is advisable to wear cotton or wool underwear underneath your thermal clothing, depending upon the weather. Obviously, technical features of thermal clothing can’t compete with the hygienic issues;   

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