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What Base Layer for Cycling?

What Base Layer for Cycling?

Winter is approaching, and with it, the cold becomes more intense. Times when the mornings are darker, the days shorter, and the winds icy. Cycling in the cold is not always pleasant. Not counting the days when it rains and the humidity seems to touch our bones!

With the arrival of the coldest days, facing the training routine becomes a little more complicated. And the tip to keep your spirits up is to choose suitable clothes for the pedal. Cyclists should prioritize clothing that sticks to the body and wipes away sweat.

One of the best systems is still that of layering clothes. The last layer for cycling should consist of a windproof jacket (preferably waterproof). The middle one is the warming layer and should include a warm sweatshirt or sweater. And the first one is one of the most important. It is known as the Base Layer and should consist of clothes that snugly fit the body and dry the sweat.

When choosing a Base Layer line, it is essential to note the trim. The pieces must be well glued to the body to retain the heat when needed and not retain moisture, cooling your body. The market offers great options, such as Thermajane and Thermajohn. These are among the best brands known for their variety, quality, and customer service for thermal clothing that perfectly addresses cycling needs.

The evolution of thermal clothing for cyclists is impressive. Today, there are genuinely sensational products for sale. These are lightweight, thin, and comfortable made with synthetic fibers like polyester/ spandex blend that offer more insulation and efficiency than ever before. When looking for pedaling gear, consider Thermajane or Thermajohn, which provides three layers of thermal clothing for cycling: the base, the middle, and the cover. Typically, the base layer is made of breathable fabric, craftily adding a fleece lining to make it warm and comfortable and is snug to the body. For the middle layer, wear a regular bicycle t-shirt and a windbreak jacket or vest for the cover.

Thermal base layers for cycling, from Thermajane and Thermajohn, are synthetic materials; polyester/ spandex blend. Among the main advantages of garments made with synthetic fibers are that they are lightweight and are moisture-wicking. In addition, they do not require complicated maintenance and are durable. Therefore, it is effective as a thermoregulator because it does not get soaked and dries quickly. It does not cause you to get cold when you stop doing the activity. It snug fits your skin seamlessly and, because of the elastane, is four-way stretchable. Therefore, it doesn’t restrict your movement.

Thermal suits are manufactured with a specific and intelligent technology to heat up to support indoor/ outdoor activities. They can maintain the heat produced by our bodies and thus protect against extreme temperatures. In the cold, our will seems to be put to the test. But actually, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the proper clothes and the correct technique, cycling in low temperatures can be a relaxed and fun experience!

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