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How Should Thermal Underwear Fit?

How Should Thermal Underwear Fit?

When you feel cold and can’t help but shiver when you walk outside, it is time to seek the perfect pair of thermal underwear. Many people have heard of long underwear before, but have no idea how they should look or fit. Some may even assume that layering clothes is the same as wearing long underwear, when in reality they could not be more different.

Layering clothes can work in a pinch, but they can also bunch up and give you an awkward appearance. Layered clothes can also feel tight and sweaty, which ends up hindering your movements. In contrast, thermal underwear has a much better fit, appearance, and protective heat ability.

The Best Fit for Thermal Underwear

The ideal pair of long underwear will fit you tightly, similar to leggings. They are meant to look (and feel) like a second skin! It is common for people to worry that tight long underwear will lose the ability to lock in heat and wick away sweat, but that tight fit actually helps!

Snug thermal underwear is able to trap your body’s heat exactly where it should be - your body! The tight heat stops the heat from evaporating, which would happen in a pair of sweatpants or joggers. Long underwear is made of a unique fabric blend that traps heat without the bulky and awkward appearance that comes from layered clothes.

At the same time, remember that thermal underwear should be snug but should never be constricting. If you feel that a pair of long underwear is tight to the point that it gets harder to move, they are not the right pair for you!

Determining Your Best Fit

Remember to keep in mind your own size and preference when it comes to thermal underwear. You should not need to “size up” since the fabric is stretchy and comfortable. In addition, there is no need to “size down” because thermal underwear should not be tight enough to be noticeable or uncomfortable.

Order your typical size and wait for the magic to happen! The snug fit will trap your body heat and keep it close. In addition, the special fabric will wick away sweat to prevent that gross and clammy feeling that happens when you layer clothes. With the correct fit, your thermal underwear will leave you feeling warm and cozy no matter what the temperature is outside!

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