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Can My Kids Wear Thermals as Leggings?

Can My Kids Wear Thermals as Leggings?

For the hardcore winter lover that may live inside your child, they may want to follow your lead and rock out some thermal pants for their leggings. If you're used to the cold, girls' thermal underwear provides excellent protection from the cold and, depending on your style, can be worn as leggings. While thermals of old were relatively ugly but functional, girls' thermals of today offer more style, form-fitting, and a choice of colors that can work with whatever you want to wear with them. 

Wearing Them Correctly

While some may call this blasphemy in the fashion world, when it comes to comfort, a girl's gotta do what she has to do. While style and comfort can go hand-in-hand, there are still some rules or guidelines, so you don't look like the floor of a fashion designer's studio.

• Find the thermals you wouldn't mind the public seeing. While there is a lot of style on the market, sticking with the classic colors and styles is always a win. The trick is for you to buy and wear them as their tights. Unlike real tights, the thermal pants will be better at keeping your legs warm. Plus, the classic colors and styles will look like regular tights, and no one will know, except for your toasty warm lower body.

• Learn to not care about others' opinions. For kids, this isn't an issue. While everyone is freezing in regular tights, your kid will still be warm and cozy, yet always looking fashionable.

• Your kid can wear them under shorts, a dress, or any way they would wear tights. Thermals pants as leggings are great and add a lot of warmth in today's fashion world.

Why You Should Add Thermal Leggings to Your Wardrobe

If it's cold outside, your legs need some extra protection. Regular tights, though they look fantastic, won't have the insulative properties that a girls’ thermal underwear pants do. Thermals will trap in heat and distribute it evenly across your skin. They'll also wick away moisture, which adds to the warmth and comfort. To make these girls’ thermals even better for the winter, many are lined with fleece. These will make sure your kid's legs stay warm and become a new go-to pant for the season.

Keep in mind, while they can be warm as leggings, if the weather gets too cold, you may want to insist on layering them with something else for added insulation. This can be good for traveling on the way to school, where the added layer can be taken off for a more comfortable school day. The thermals of today will add a lot of comfort and style to your present-day wardrobe. With different colors and durable fabrics, wearing them as leggings is a great idea and one that keeps you warm and comfy all day.

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