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The Three Rules for Choosing Your Thermals

The Three Rules for Choosing Your Thermals

As any athlete or person who works outdoors will tell you, the worst feeling in the cold air is the raw, sweaty, clammy feeling you get if you dress wrong for the weather. It doesn’t matter how many layers of clothing you pile on if they’re the wrong ones. If you can’t get your base layer of women’s thermal underwear right, you’ll be rushing indoors fast once the sweat and shivering sets in. 

While thermal under is one of the best layers for any cold-weather gear, not all of it is created equal. If you buy the wrong women’s thermal top, you won’t be able to gain the actual benefits of the clothing. There are a few rules to consider when you’re looking for that perfect thermal that fits your sense of fashion and needs.

The Rules to Choose Your Best Thermal

1. Choose a thermal that fits like a second skin. It also shouldn’t constrict your movements, either. Finding the right fit is essential to gain all the benefits of wearing them. They should fit snug without bunching or getting in the way. If they’re too tight, they will create heat pockets instead of distributing that body heat across your skin. It should contour to your body shape.

2. Irritating seams are a no-no. This issue is overlooked a lot. How a thermal is sewn, and seam placement has a lot to do with how they work and feel against your body. Women’s thermal underwear will fit snug against your skin, and this means any rough or bulky seams will more-than-likely cause you some skin irritation and even abrasions. Thermals with flatlock seams are not only pleasing to look at, but they won’t cause you any problems, especially if worn over a long period.

3. Style and fabric should be right for you. Even though it can be freezing outside, it doesn’t mean your sense of fashion and comfort should suffer. Thermal clothing like a women’s thermal top should fit your sense of style and keep you warm. Thermals are a form of personal expression that happens to function fantastically. With the right thermal, you won’t have to sacrifice style over substance. Keep in mind that the fabric should still be breathable to allow moisture to escape. Also, consider any odor-resistance that the thermal garment may have. If you’re an active person, then this is quite the boon, so you aren’t funky by the end of the day.

Choosing the right thermal isn’t overly tough. Getting the right fit may be a challenge, but in the end, once you find the right pair, you can easily order more. Your winter look can be fashionable yet still keep you warm and reduce your chances of not enjoying any of your outdoor activities. Use these three rules to help pick out your next pair of women’s thermal underwear, so you stay comfortable all winter while looking great.

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