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Can You Sleep in Thermals: A Sleepover Experience?

Can You Sleep in Thermals: A Sleepover Experience?

The weekend is here, and your kid wants to have a sleepover with friends. You agreed even if you'll end up regretting that decision later. While you may not have enough blankets for everyone, you can make sure your daughter has some long johns for girls just in case the evening gets too cold for her. While not everyone at the sleepover will have them, you can make sure your daughter stays warm with a kid's base layer.

Why Thermals for a Sleepover?

Winter nights can get a little chilly. This is especially true if you keep the thermostat set at a specific temperature during the night. Depending on how many people will be participating in the sleepover, you may wake to find a bunch of cranky and shivering kids on the living room floor. Even if everyone brings a sleeping bag, it may not always be enough.

If your kids are hosting a sleepover or going to one, sending them off with a kids base layer will help them sleep comfortably at night. This is especially helpful, even if they end up crashing on the floor with everyone else. While the kids may be relatively active early in the night, they'll eventually fall asleep. This means their ability to regulate their body temperature won't be as good as if they were awake and active. Having them wear thermals or long johns for girls will help keep them warm and comfortable.

Thermals work best if they fit snug. Kind of like a second skin. This allows the fabric to do its job. For your kids, this will be helping them regulate their body heat. Thermals hold warm air against the skin to retain this warmth. The warm air acts as an insulator so your kids won't get too cold. The thermals will also wick any sweat away. No one wants to wake up a soggy mess, and this is especially true at a sleepover. You also won't have to worry about them getting uncomfortable even with the snug fit. The fabric is stretchable, which gives the thermals a full four-stretch.

Kids base layers work great under your kids regular sleeping clothes. These additional clothes can help insulate, so your kids have more fun with their friends than having the cold ruin their night. Plus, the addition of a sleeping bag or another blanket will help keep that warmth in without causing them to overheat. 

Sleepovers are fantastic for your kids to bond with their friends. Whether they play board games to watching horror movies with popcorn, they'll eventually get tired and nod off. It doesn't matter if they're awake or asleep, you want to make sure they are kept warm, and thermals are an excellent way to help keep them warm. That way, if they wake up cranky, it's from all the fun that caused a lack of sleep and not from the cold.

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