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Is Fleece a Good Base Layer?

Is Fleece a Good Base Layer?

When it comes to winter, a good base layer is essential to your warmth and comfort. Whether you're hiking or participating in other activities, women’s thermals will make your season a lot cozier. Usually, you only need these women’s long johns in colder conditions, so if it's relatively warm out, you may not need them. Keep in mind that while it may be mild on your back deck, being in the open air may prove differently. As with most thermals, many are lightweight, making wearing them in more favorable weather still a good choice.

Base Layer or Fleece: Which Should I Wear?

The easy answer is both. These are two different types of clothing, but they do have some quite similar core functions. These are keeping you warm, comfortable, and, most of all, dry. What's the difference? Can't I wear fleece as a base layer? 

Let's start with the base layer. If you've ever heard of layering, then a base layer will be the first layer you put on. This layer will fit snug against your skin and work to retain and regulate your body heat while wicking away your sweat. This layer sets the other layers' success in keeping you warm all day, even when you're outside all day. It will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. You can find women’s thermals in fabrics like polyester blends, Merino wool, or even silk. Avoid cotton as it will hold in moisture. Some thermals are lined with fleece for extra warmth, so you'll get the added bonus of both, but in the end, this lining is not what makes a base layer.

Fleece is a magical material on its own. It won't make a good base layer. However, it's still an excellent choice for milder wear or as a layer of insulation for your second or third layer when you layer for the great outdoors. Fleece is also breathable and will offer some wind and water resistance. In the right conditions, fleece will make a great outer layer. It will keep you warm and comfortable, especially if you're already wearing a base layer. Fleece also makes for a perfect lining for gloves, boots, and women’s long johns for a little extra in the comfort and warmth area.

Both thermals as a base layer and fleece for added insulation are a great combination in helping you stay warm during the winter. If your women’s thermals are lined with fleece, you get even more comfort to an already comfortable garment. While fleece by itself won't make a good base layer, it will give you the added protection from the elements. It's a comfortable and soft material that is hard to resist, and you can't go wrong with owning any. It will make an excellent addition to your winter gear and make the cold season a lot more comfortable.

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