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How to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm in the Nursing Home

How to Keep Your Loved Ones Warm in the Nursing Home

While placing a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision, you can still do your part to make sure the staff keeps up to their promises. With regular visits, not only will you help your aging parents feel better, but you can see for yourself what their living conditions are.

One of the many problems facing some seniors in these nursing homes is staying warm enough. This affects their health and comfort. As the days get colder, you want to do the best you can in making sure they stay warm in their new environment.

Here are some proven tips that'll prove essential to keeping your loved ones warm during their stay in the nursing home:

• Ensure that they are wearing the appropriate clothing. Women's thermal sets and men's thermal sets are a must-have for the nursing home's colder areas. Also, bring them some extra blankets for both their lower and upper body.

•  Ensure your loved one has a few pairs of thermal socks and slippers for sleeping. Your loved one can never have too many comfort items.

• When you visit, make sure the heating system works as well as it is supposed to. Check to see if you can set the room's temperature to a specific level, so there's less of a chance of someone getting cold.

•  If possible, get thicker curtains for the windows as they'll keep the heat in better, and make sure the room's door is closed to prevent any heat from getting out.

•  Check on your loved one's diet. Make sure they are getting their regular meals to help keep their energy levels up. Ensure they're getting hot meals with the right amount of fiber—these aid in keeping your loved one warmer. Bring dried fruits as these also help energy levels.

•  Exercise and other daily activities are essential, as well. This helps circulation and even your loved one's motivation. Help with walking while you're there and help them care for their room as well. Speak to staff about indoor activities that'll help your loved one stay warmer and more energetic.

Nursing homes have a bad reputation. Some are great, but as a caregiver, you must work with the staff to ensure the care is at the level it needs to be. Keeping your loved ones warm and comfortable with women's thermal sets or men's thermal set is a great start, but these other tips will help make the stay a little better.

Colder temperatures are harsher on the elderly. Knowing the symptoms and risk factors can help prevent hypothermia and other cold-related issues that could negatively affect aging loved ones. Remember, dry skin is also an issue as certain medications affect aging skin. Keeping your loved ones warm can help many problems and make their stay, no matter how long, as comfortable as possible.

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