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Compression Clothing for Women’s Sports

Compression Clothing for Women’s Sports

Many women wear compression clothing to the gym or while participating in sports. What you may not realize is that there are many benefits to wearing women’s compression wear. Decades ago, before compression became the hottest new trend in fitness training and sports, compression gear was worn solely for medical problems. This ranges from varicose veins to more severe conditions like deep vein thrombosis to prevent clots.

Women's compression leggings can eliminate many symptoms. These include leg pain and swelling. This is because the compression provides the right amount of pressure in the legs to improve blood flow in the body. Some of these symptoms involve pregnancy, age, obesity, or standing/sitting for long periods. 

Today, the focus on compression clothing has moved into the sports arena. They’ve become more attractive and fashionable while keeping the same benefits as their medical counterparts. You may find yourself wanting to enjoy these benefits for your fitness routine or your time on the field if you play sports. Clothing pieces involve a women's short sleeve compression shirt or long sleeve, crew socks, pants, tights, arm sleeves, calf sleeves.

They also come in two different types of compression.

  1. Uniform: The pressure you feel is applied throughout the entire garment on an equal level.
  2. Graduate: This type is usually for your legs as the pressure around your ankle is higher and decreases as it goes up.

Many women in sports or the fitness industry have embraced compression garments, whether its women's compression leggings or doubling it up with a women's short sleeve compression shirt, the benefits for women in sports is top-notch.

  1. Compression gear will reduce your muscle burnout or fatigue and then increase your stamina.
  2. More oxygen will be pumped to your muscles as oxygenation will improve.
  3. After a workout, you’ll see a reduction in recovery times.
  4. Injuries will be reduced.
  5. You’ll see a reduction in lactic acid and other metabolic waste.

In the past, women’s compression was ugly and usually worn with poorly designed footwear for medical issues. Nowadays, compression clothing has seen fantastic new designs, and it's great to wear. Whether you’re hitting the track or relaxed in post-recovery, you’ll look and feel great knowing that the gear you wore gave you a competitive edge on the others.

The science and studies are there to prove that wearing compression clothing for sports will give you an edge. With all the benefits, both physical and psychological, your sports game will be elevated to another level while you’re on the court or hitting the squat rack. You’ll be comfortable and dry as their moisture-wicking features work as hard as you do. You’ll own the playing field and show others how a sport is supposed to be played. Even if you’re not working out or playing a game, compression wear will continue to work as long as you wear it.

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