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How to Dress Your Children for a Stay in Alaska

How to Dress Your Children for a Stay in Alaska

So you decided to go on a family trip to Alaska. The wild and natural landscape, the mountains, bears, moose, and even salmon are great sites, and the state is filled with a rugged beauty few states can equal. Whether you’re visiting as part of a cruise or your family needs an escape to reclaim their roots, dressing yourself and your kids for the chilly northern temperatures is easy.

In Alaska, there are rules to follow when it comes to dressing correctly. They say there’s no cold weather in Alaska, just cold clothing. Even summers can get chilly, so it’s essential to pack the right clothing.

  1. Base Layers: Your kids will get cold quickly in Alaska. There’s no avoiding that. To make bear and moose watching a lot more comfortable, pack some thermal sets for girls for them to wear as a base layer. A girls thermal underwear set is lightweight thermal that will fit snugly to their body and retain body heat while wicking away moisture. Avoid cotton at all costs. It will absorb moisture which will, in turn, make your kids uncomfortable and miserable, not to mention cause problems like hypothermia and frostbite. A synthetic and spandex blend is perfect and cost-effective for children that grow daily.
  2. Insulating Layers: This is a more flexible layer. You can match this layer to go with the outside temperatures and you and your kid’s activity levels. Wearing a couple layers for insulation is good. If your kids get too hot, you can shed a layer, and add it back if they get cold. Try a mid-weight fleece or a synthetic-filled sweater jacket. Nothing too bulky as the layers will take care of the warm and leave your kids with most of their mobility.
  3. Outer Layer: A wind and waterproof nylon jacket that fits comfortably over your kid’s layers will work correctly. Same with pants made of the same material. A synthetic-filled parka will also work for those frigid days, especially in temperatures below that 10-degree mark.
  4. Boots, mittens, and hats: Warm and insulated winter boots are always an excellent investment. Especially in Alaska as they can make or break your kid’s day. Add in a pair of wool socks or synthetic winter socks to help retain heat and wick away moisture. Warm hands and fingers are just as important as your kid’s warm feet. Mittens are a better choice over gloves as your child’s body heat will help keep their hands warm. You can also get them a pair of gloves to wear underneath. Hat’s are a mainstay in Alaska. If it gets too hot, then a headband may work, but always keep your ears covered to protect them from frostbite.
Though a girls thermal underwear set is a great start when packing for your trip to Alaska, it is best to be fully prepared for the visit. The state is full of natural beauty but the weather is extreme. Thermal sets for girls are just the start of keeping your kids warm and comfortable. Keeping them comfortable will make for a memory-filled family trip that’ll last a lifetime.

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