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Does Fabric Matter for My Thermals?

Does Fabric Matter for My Thermals?

In all thing’s thermals, fabric matters. This is especially true during the winter season and extreme weather conditions. If you want to stay warm and comfortable while outside, you need a fabric that will be resilient and able to keep up with the rapid change in weather conditions that may happen. Your women's thermal set is not only suitable for overall comfort level, but the right material will also help protect you as the cold can cause numerous health problems and conditions.

The Most Common Materials for Thermal Underwear for Women

The fabric of your thermals should be soft and feel good against your skin. This is an essential benefit if you plan on wearing them for long periods. No one wants thermals that will make their skin itch or chafe. Stick to these materials for prime comfort and winter benefits:

• Wool Fabric: This natural fiber, specifically Merino wool, will balance your body temperature and provide some fantastic moisture-wicking properties. They will also retain the right amount of heat and distribute it evenly across your skin. Depending on your budget, wool can be a little pricey, and it can be harder to maintain when it comes to cleaning.

• Silk Material: This material is perfect for indoor lounging and an excellent lightweight option for your thermals. It is luxuriously smooth, doesn’t add bulk, but its moisture-wicking isn’t as good as wools. It’s still a great option if you have the pocketbook to buy a few pairs. There’s a reason silk collar, and blue-collar don’t mix in the washing machine.

• Synthetic Fabric: These are ultimately the best types on the market. They are made for all kinds of cold weather, even extreme conditions. They can come in nylon, lycra, polyester/spandex blend, and are perfect as they give the right amount of moisture-wicking and heat retention you need to have a great time outdoors. They are easier to take care of, durable, and most all, cost-effective. 

Fabrics to Avoid

The only one that makes this list is cotton, and that’s due to its popularity. In contrast, this fabric may be useful if you are lounging around at home or for a t-shirt, it's best to avoid it for any outdoor activity.

• Cotton Fabric: Unlike the other mentioned above, cotton will absorb more moisture and retain it. In the cold weather, this is a bad thing as you’ll be left chilled, not to mention that wet and clammy feeling. Although it's more affordable than the others, cotton is the least desirable option in all these fabrics. It’s best to spend more and get a synthetic women's thermal set as the warmth to weight ratio can be 3-8 times higher, and you’ll stay dry while outside.

When it comes to fabric for thermal underwear for women, it matters a big deal. The wrong material will leave you in the cold, shivering, and wet from your sweat while the others will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable.

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